Junior linebacker Jaylyin Minor ready for this season and ready to make a big impact defensively

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up and talk with with junior linebacker Jaylyin Minor following a recent Bearcats practice. Minor is looking forward to this upcoming season and being a key player for the Bearcats. He talks about his goals, playing at Nippert stadium, and more. Check out the full interview!

Bearcat Insider: How is everything in camp for you personally and for the team?

Minor: "Well for me personally I have had a pretty good camp probably the best camp I've ever had. I’m in shape this year, last year I came in fresh off an injury and I wasn’t able to work out. Everything is now coming together, I’m in shape, able to run, and know what’s going on with the defense and able to make the calls. Team wise we are doing great everyone's back as a team, flying to the ball and just playing football."

Bearcat Insider: Defensively what can fans expect from you guys?

Minor: "We have a lot of new stuff coming in, we aren't  just running base coverage and stuff like we did last year. We got a lot of different coverages a lot more blitzes, it’s going to be a pretty good show on defense this year."

Bearcat Insider: How do you feel about being at Camp Higher Ground and what impact does it have on the team?

Minor: "It has a really good impact because we are straight football. Eat, sleep, and football is all it is and everyone is bonding and coming together as a team and getting that team chemistry that we need."

Bearcat Insider: What part of your game did you want to improve on in the offseason the most?

Minor: "It was mainly me just getting in shape. All of last season I was out of shape and didn’t really know the playbook as good as I should have. I just came in and wasn’t able to practice and get my reps in during the offseason and that summer. So mainly knowing the playbook, being in shape and able to get back to my old self."

Bearcat Insider: You have exactly 2 weeks until the season opener tell me what kind of advantages there are playing in front of the home crowd at Nippert Stadium?

Minor: "There is no other home crowd like it is at Nippert. Nippert is a different type of electric atmosphere. When we step on that field we lock in and it’s go time, there's no other atmosphere in the
world like it is at Nippert."

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