Bearcat Insider had a chance to speak with Offensive Coordinator Zac Taylor

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with new offensive coordinator/quarterback coach Zac Taylor following a recent practice. Coach talks about getting through his first camp, which unit has improved the most since he's been with the Bearcats, what coaching in Cincinnati means to him, and more. Check out the full interview!

Bearcat Insider spoke with Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach Zac Taylor following a recent practice. This is Coach Taylor's first year with the Bearcats. He spent four years with the Miami Dolphins, serving as the offensive coordinator and primary playcaller. Coach is very honored to be at The University of Cincinnati and he is really pleased with the offensive unit as a whole. With his experience coaching in the NFL, he can really help lead this young offensive team to many victories. Check out his full interview:

Bearcat Insider: How was getting through your first camp with the Bearcats?

Taylor: "I think we got a lot of work done, we needed it. We had a long ways to come, I think we've gotten better each week. I think we'll be ready to go next Thursday night."

Bearcat Insider: Does having Hayden Moore set at the starting quarterback make your job a little easier?

Taylor: "I do think it helps clear up the offense, who's in charge, who's going to be running the show. Hayden has earned that opportunity, we're all going to get right behind him and he's going to be our leader."

Bearcat Insider: Going into the first game, how do you think the offense is doing as a whole?

Taylor: "I think we're improving. I think every single practice each unit has gotten better and as a whole have gotten better. We still need some leadership to step up. Our centers are great leaders, our backs are great leaders, we just need some other voices to start stepping up and leading this pack."

Bearcat Insider: Has anyone on your unit really surprised you?

Taylor: "I wouldn't say surprised, I think the tight ends as a whole have gotten a lot better since the spring time. I say that unit has really improved. We're still waiting on some waiting on some young receivers to step up and take some jobs. But again I think that tight end unit overall has improved."

Bearcat Insider: How is coaching and working here in Cincinnati compare to coaching and working in Miami?

Taylor: "It's incredible, I love it! It's a great opportunity for all of us here. Cincinnati has a great tradition of winning a lot of football games and playing some big time games. I am honored to have this opportunity to come here and help this offense to win a lot of games."

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