The Bearcats look to Nate Cole to make plays on the offensive side of the ball

Wide receiver, Nate Cole made 6 catches for 64 yards and one touchdown during Bearcats Thursday night's win against UT-Martin. Being the most experienced out of all the receivers on the team, Cole is the one everyone looks for to get the job done on the offensive side of the ball. And from his performance Thursday night, you can say he's getting the job done. Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with Cole to see how he is preparing for Saturday's game against UT-Martin and more. Check out what h

Bearcat Insider: You seemed to be the guy Hayden Moore looked to when needing to get a first down, why do you think that  is?

Cole: "Probably because I am the only senior in the group. I'm really the only one with a lot of playing experience. It shows that he trusts me a lot. We've been working all practice, all spring, and all camp together."

Bearcat Insider: How do you think the offense performed as a unit?

Cole: "With us being young, I think we did pretty well. We came through all the adversity that we had coming out, like different situations in the game. Being a young group, I think we performed well."

Bearcat Insider: After watching film from Thursday's game, how do you think you performed overall? What areas did you do well in and what do you need to improve on?

Cole: "I think I performed pretty well, but I think I need to be more confident, a better leader, and more vocal. I need to keep the younger guys more positive and confident."

Bearcat Insider: How are you preparing for Saturday's game against Purdue?

Cole: "Just coming out and practicing hard everyday. Listening to my coaches when they critique us, listening to the changes they've made, and just learning the new plays that what put in this week."

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