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Junior wide receiver Tshumbi Johnson is excited to make his return on the field in game 3 against the Houston Cougars

Bearcat Insider was able to speak with junior wide receiver, Tshumbi Johnson a few days before the Bearcats take on the Houston Cougars and a right before he gets back on the field following foot surgery. Right before the Bearcats went to camp, Johnson found out he had to get surgery on his foot and couldn't play the first two games of the season. Now back and ready to show everyone what he's capable of, with his speed and athleticism, Johnson should play a huge role in the offense's success.

Bearcat Insider: Finally being able to get back out on the field, what are your thoughts going into Thursday's game?

Johnson: "Coming back feels great. I've been gone a long time and it's been a long process, so now I really get a chance to show what I can do and help this team out. My teammates continue to push me day in and day out and they keep telling me that I got this and they're glad to have me back. By them telling me that it gives me more motivation each day. I'm feeling good about it."

Bearcat Insider: Being out due to surgery and being able to watch from the sideline, would you look at yourself as a leader?

Johnson: "I'm more of an energetic leader, I bring the energy to the table. I also continue to push the younger guys and try to push the defense as much as I can. I try to help them out if I see anything or I try to help the offense out as much as possible, all by being a vocal and energetic leader."

Bearcat Insider: How are you preparing for Thursday's game?

Johnson: "Right now we're focusing each practice and taking it day by day. We're taking in everything they're telling us, taking notes, asking more questions, and just trying to be more focused on the task at hand. The focus level is to the top right now. Everyone is doubting us, but we know what it takes to beat this team. We've been there before, but we fell short last year, so now it's time for revenge."

Bearcat Insider: What goals do you have set for yourself this season?

Johnson: "Stay healthy, when my name is called doing what I can do for this team, try to stay poised, and stay motivated. I can get down at times, but I try to take everything easy. I'm going to get better and help this program become something great and bring a bigger name to our school."

Bearcat Insider: Your younger brother is a running back for the University of South Florida Bulls, how is it having a brother that plays in the same conference as you? 

Johnson: It's good. I talk to him everyday and every time he plays I ask him how he did and he asks how we did. It's good because we're talking to each other and getting prepared until we play against each other. We're always talking trash, it's just brotherly love. Whoever wins, win but we're still brothers. That's the cool thing about it because we get to communicate and keep each other motivated. 

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