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J.T. Smith of Bearcat Insider speaks with Rob Sellers of Cougar Digest

Before the big game on Thursday Night, J.T. Smith of Bearcat Insider went behind enemy lines to speak with Rob Sellers of Cougar Digest. BCI was able to get some good information check out what Mr. Sellers had to say before the big showdown.

Bearcat Insider:   How has the team grown in the second year under head coach Tom Herman?

Rob Sellers: I don’t know if it has made as big of strides as it did in war one, but that is because there were such big strides to be made. I think year two the team has taken a little more leadership within itself as opposed to from the staff. They also know what is expected now from Herman and his staff so they are able to operate more smoothly in practice.

Bearcat Insider: Who is an X-Factor on the Cougars offensive unit?

Sellers: I’m going to purposefully choose someone not named Greg Ward Jr as everyone knows by now that he is where the offense runs through. I’m going to go with wide receiver Steven Dunbar. He is one of the keys to the vertical passing game and had a tremendous performance in the season opening win over Oklahoma.

Bearcat Insider: Who is an X-Factor on the Cougars defensive unit?

Sellers: On this one, I am going to reach for the low hanging fruit in choosing senior defensive back Brandon Wilson. He is truly a jack-of-all-trades and can make plays from anywhere on the field. 

Bearcat Insider: Has Houston been able to replace William Jackson in the secondary?

Sellers: I don’t know if they have reached the level of play at one cornerback  position that William Jackson brought but they have found the next group of corners that have sat and learned and are ready for their opportunity. Jeremy Winchester, Howard Wilson and Brandon Wilson are the three corners on the field and all have performed well early on this season.

Bearcat Insider: Do you think the Cougars will be ready for the hostile Nippert Stadium crowd Thursday? And your (scoring) prediction for Thursday's game?

Sellers: I think they will be as prepared as you can be going into Nippert Stadium. They know it will be sold out and it will be rowdy so they are expecting a hostile environment.

For my prediction I am going to go with Houston over Cincinnati 35-28

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