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2018 Centerville (OH) High School Jake Spiewak has amazing Cincinnati visit

2018 Centerville (OH) High School wide receiver Jake Spiewak really enjoyed his time on campus Thursday. Spiewak was in the building when the Cincinnati Bearcats faced the No. 6 Houston Cougars at Nippert Stadium. Check out what he thought of his visit.

Check out Bearcat Insider's interview with Jake Spiewak.

Bearcat Insider: How did your visit Thursday night go (Houston game)?

Spiewak: It was great the atmosphere was intense, the fans we’re great. It was a really good experience all around the whole campus was bumping. It was just a great experience.

Bearcat Insider: So which coach are you in the most contact with on the coaching staff?

Spiewak: (Co-Defensive coordinator) Coach (Jeff) Koonz.

Bearcat Insider: Have they made you an offer?

Spiewak: No, no offers yet.

Bearcat Insider: If the Bearcats were to make you an offer what exactly would it mean to you?

Spiewak: It would mean a lot to me personally. It would be my first offer from any school and I really like the location. It’s a great program great school it would truly mean a lot to me.

Bearcat Insider: So far how is your season going with Centerville?

Spiewak: As a team we are not where we want to be right now, but I think I’m doing my part well as a player. I’m just trying to do what I can to help the team out and help us win football games.

Bearcat Insider: So for you personally Jake how would you like to improve on your game?

Spiewak: I think my speed the most. I have good hands, but if I can get my speed up I don’t think I can be guarded.

Bearcat Insider: What other schools have shown interest in you so far?

Spiewak: A couple MAC (Mid-American Conference) schools like Bowling Green and Toledo. Purdue is showing interest as well.

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