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Bearcats offer would be a dream come true for 2018 St. Xavier (OH) High School running back Cameron Specht

2018 St. Xavier (OH) High School running back Cameron Specht would be overjoyed if the Cincinnati Bearcats offered him. Specht got to visit the campus during Thursday to see the Bearcats take on the No. 6 Houston Cougars. Check out what he had to say about his visit.

Bearcat Insider: Overall how was your visit and experience when you came to Thursday’s game versus Houston?

Specht: It was awesome. They were playing the 6th ranked team in the nation in Houston. Sitting on the field looking at the crowd it was a blackout it was a great atmosphere.

Bearcat Insider: What coach on the coaching staff have you been in contact with the most?

pecht: Coach (Zac) Taylor the offensive coordinator. He and I exchange twitter messages and we talk frequently.

Bearcat Insider: Have they offered you yet?

Specht: No, they have not offered me.

Bearcat Insider: If they were to offer you an opportunity to play at UC what exactly would that mean to you?

Specht: It would mean a lot. Being a hometown kid with a hometown offer would be pretty special. It would be very special to receive an offer.

Bearcat Insider: How is your season going with St. Xavier?

Specht: It’s going great right now. We are currently 2-2 coming off 2 big road wins. We are about to start league play and we are excited. We are getting ready for a big game this week.

Bearcat Insider: So for you personally Cameron how would like to improve on your game overall to play at the college level?

Specht: One thing I want to get faster. I want to get stronger in the weight room. I want to be a lot more consistent in the weight room and also working on my footwork. Working on seeing the field better trying to improve on my vision those are the main things I need to work on in my game.

Bearcat Insider: What other schools have shown interest in you?

Specht: Not to many schools, Purdue has looked at me. And then some of the academies like Army and Navy. A few, but nobody has offered at the moment.


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