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Cincinnati (Ohio) Moeller junior defensive tackle Aeneas Hawkins really enjoyed his game day visit with the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Thursday night's sellout game against Houston wasn't high school junior, Aeneas Hawkins first visit to Cincinnati. Hawkins grew up attending Cincinnati Bearcats football games as his dad actually played football for the Bearcats. But out of all his visits, Thursday's game was by far the best atmosphere he has seen. Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with Hawkins about his visit. Check out what he had to say:

Bearcat Insider: How was your visit on Thursday, during the Houston game?

Hawkins: "My dad played at Cincinnati back in the day, so I grew up coming to Clifton... We left before the game got out of hand, like five minutes before everything went down. But the atmosphere that night was probably the best I've seen at Nippert Stadium and I've been to probably like 30 games and that was by far the best atmosphere I have witnessed."

Bearcat Insider: What does receiving and offer from Cincinnati mean to you?

Hawkins: "The biggest thing was, that was the school I grew up around. I've always been a UC fan, I've been rooting for them since I was little, so when I first got the offer from UC it was exciting. Over the summer I got a lot of sudden interest with recruiting from other big schools, but there really weren't any other schools that I was initially more excited about than UC. Just because that was my childhood dream, that alone makes it a priority for me to get to the games, so I can see how the coaches handle their business. It was really important to go and see how they do things. It'll definitely be on my top list."

Bearcat Insider: What other schools have already offered you?

Hawkins: "Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida State, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky, and University of Pittsburgh, those are the main ones."

Bearcat Insider: What coaches have you been in contact with?

Hawkins: "The main one I have been talking to from UC has been Coach Ingram. Coach Rosfeld was at Moeller my freshman year, he used to be a coach there. I have a pretty good relationship with him. Those are really the three main ones I keep in contact with."

Bearcat Insider: How's your season at Moeller going so far?

Hawkins: "Our season is going really well right now, we are 3-1 right now. We just beat  a top ranked school this weekend. USA Today ranked our schedule like the second toughest in the country.

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