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2018 St. Xavier (OH) High School junior quarterback Chase Wolf really enjoyed the atmosphere during the Bearcats battle with Houston.

Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier junior quarterback Chase Wolf had a great time during his Cincinnati visit this past Thursday. Wolf was able to watch the Bearcats take on the Houston Cougars in a sold out Nipper Stadium and spoke with Bearcat Insider about his experience, check out what he had to say.

Bearcat Insider: How did your visit to Cincinnati go?

Wolf: "I thought it was really great. I didn't get there very early because we had practice, but I got to hang around the tailgate and it seemed like a really good experience there. And just taking a tour around campus, and learning what professors expect from us was pretty interesting. The atmosphere at Nippert was really impressive. Te atmosphere was my favorite thing, the student section was crowded like 30 minutes before the game, they were doing chants before the game. It shows that UC fans are really passionate about football."

Bearcat Insider: How is your season going so far at St. Xavier?

Wolf: "It's good, our starting quarterback who is committed to Penn State was hurt so I got to start in two games and we went 1-1. We play the toughest schedule in the country, so we're doing pretty well, we're actually 2-2 now."

Bearcat Insider: What coaches have you been in contact with?

Wolf: "I threw for Coach Taylor in the spring and I have been talking to him ever since, we have a pretty good relationship."

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