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2018 Nashville (Tennessee) Franklin Road Academy outside linebacker Watson Tansil enjoyed his visit to Cincinnati

Outside linebacker Watson Tansil out of Nashville, Tennessee made his first trip to Cincinnati this past Saturday and was able to watch the Cincinnati Bearcats defeat their long time rivals Miami Redhawks in their battle of the Victory Bell. Tansil spoke to Bearcat Insider about his visit and much more, check out his exclusive one-on-one interview with us:

Bearcat Insider: How did the visit go for you?

Tansil: "I was invited to the game, but I thought it was really nice. The whole process; the virtual tour, when all the coaches came in and talked to us about what life is like for a Cincinnati football player, and I thought it was cool meeting and talking to some of the coaches. The set up was really organized, the environment and the football game was awesome."

Bearcat Insider: What would receiving an offer from the University of Cincinnati mean to you?

Tansil: "I've been playing football for a long time and my goal for awhile has been to play college football and I have been getting some looks from schools like Cincinnati and Navy. Getting an offer from Cincinnati would be awesome for my confidence. It's a big school, so the football environment up there is awesome."

Bearcat Insider: Was Saturday your first time visiting Cincinnati?

Tansil: "Yes it was. It actually wasn't too bad of a drive, just right up interstate 75. The city is awesome!

Bearcat Insider: Do you know any of the players on the Bearcats football team?

Tansil: "One of my coaches played up there, Jordan Luallen, I think he graduated three years ago."

Bearcat Insider: How is your season at Franklin Road Academy going so far?

Tansil: "Personally I am doing pretty good, I think I am playing pretty well right now. The team wise, we have a lot of young guys, we're just trying to work on some stuff but we have a lot of room for improvement and we have a lot of athletes. We haven't played in district games yet, so I think we can still get better and learn. 

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