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Junior College product Blake Yager spoke with Bearcat Insider about his recent official visit to Cincinnati

Blake Yager an offensive tackle out of Fort Wayne, Indiana had his official visit this past Saturday. Yager was able to watch the Bearcats take on the South Florida Bulls and really enjoyed his weekend in Cincinnati. He's grateful for the opportunity to further his football and academic career at Cincinnati and in our exclusive one-on-one with him he talks about what it means to have this opportunity and much more.

Bearcat Insider: How did your visit go?

Yager: "I thought it went well, I really enjoyed my weekend I spent with the coaches and getting to know them a little better."

Bearcat Insider: Why did you decide to further your football and education career at the University of Cincinnati?

Yager: "Really it was just Coach Tuberville, I think he is the kind of guy I can get behind and I just agree with his mentality. He's a point A to point B kind of guy and I really feel like I am going to flourish in that kind of environment. I really like the academic structure and the way they treat their athletes."

Bearcat Insider: When will you officially move to campus?

Yager: "I am a December transfer from Iowa Western Community College, so I will be there in January and I am really excited!"

Bearcat Insider: What other schools offered you?

Yager: "I had quite a few offers, Texas Tech offered me a blue shirt and I turned them down obviously. Other than that I had East Carliona University, University of Cincinnati, University of Louisina Monroe, and I'm sure I'll get more, but I am committed to Cincinnati. Like I said, it's close to home and I really like Tuberville."

Bearcat Insider: What did it mean to you to receive an offer from Cincinnati? 

Yager: "It really just shows me that there are other people that believe in me. Out of high school I was signed to play at Ball State University and academically things just didn't work out so I had to go to a junior college. A lot of people told me that I wasn't going to make it, so obviously having all these schools call me and saying that they need me at their schools and that I can make a difference there helps me build a little more confidence in my ability to play and really shows that God is blessing me right now."

Bearcat Insider: How is your season going at Iowa Western right now?

Yager: "It could be doing a lot better, we should be number one in the country but it came down to the three games that we have lost. Just mental mistakes, we'll have a game where the offensive line is playing great but it just isn't all meshing together. We're 2-3 right now, we've beaten pretty good teams but we've lost to some pretty good teams as well."

Bearcat Insider: Do you plan on making any more visits to Cincinnati before you officially move here?

Yager: "I'll probably take all of my visits just to see what it's like. I've talked to the coaches and some people from the Cincinnati staff and they're all confident, I just want to test the waters."

Bearcat Insider: Have you watched the Netflix original Last Chance U about the guys playing at a junior college?

Yager: "Yes I watched it, it was a good show!"

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