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After the Bearcats losing to the Huskies Saturday, it posed a question to highlight the rushing attack

The Cincinnati Bearcats loss their third American Athletic Conference game in a row and after losing to the Connecticut Huskies, Tre Larkins decided to take a look at the Bearcats rushing attack. Last Saturday they only rushed for 2 yards on the road.

The Cincinnati Bearcats dropped to 3-3 on the season after a disappointing 20-9 loss at the hands of the Connecticut Huskies. In a game where they were favored against the previously 2-3 Huskies the Bearcats had a letdown Saturday afternoon in East Hartford, Connecticut.

As Tommy Tuberville sat postgame and discussed his team’s second consecutive loss it seemed as if he himself had more questions than answers about the current state of his once high powered offense. The Bearcats dropped to 0-3 in league play and have gone six quarters without a touchdown. The last time they scored a touchdown was in the second quarter in the 45-20 loss to South Florida the previous Saturday. At this point it’s safe to say this offense is struggling and that might be an understatement. Tuberville seemed confused about the way his offense has looked over the last two weeks so let me help him out.

The main contributing factor to the Bearcats recent struggles offensively is their inability to run the football consistently. They rushed for only 2 yards against UConn which is recipe for disaster with such a young and hobbled quarterback in Hayden Moore. “If you can’t run the football and you become one dimensional and you are counting on your quarterback to throw for 500 yards a game then you are not going to win, “said Tuberville. “2 yards rushing you are not going to win many football games.” For the Bearcats having two solid backs in Tion Green and Mike Boone having only 2 rushing yards is inexcusable. Consider this, the Huskies give up close to 100 yards rushing per contest and Green and Boone combined for only 2 yards the entire game. That stat itself tells you all you need to know about why this Bearcats rushing attack is nonexistent so far this season.

Throughout six games they are averaging 124.8 yards per game and that’s with a 2 and 30 yard rushing game in the mix. Even with a young line, before the season nobody wouldn’t have expected the running game to be so inconsistent.

At this point it’s only so much blame you can place on the shoulders of Ross Trail and Hayden Moore. At some point we have to start looking at this offensive line and evaluate all five positions to see where the problem lies. I’m looking at a senior in Deyshawn Bond and junior in Korey Cunningham to take on more leadership roles to lead this group. In order for the Bearcats offense to improve it starts up front and they must elevate their play or things could get worse for Tuberville’s offense before they get better.

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