How has Cincinnati Bearcats senior wide reciever Nate Cole done with his new found spotlight?

Cincinnati Bearcats senior wide receiver Nate Cole waited four long years to get a consistent chance on showing what he could do on the football field at the collegiate level. With his recent opportunity he has shown he is a playmaker, especially on third down. Bearcat Insider wanted to shed some light on Cole's play this season.

For those who don’t closely watch the Cincinnati Bearcats might think senior wide receiver Nate Cole is a sophomore or a junior because the way he was buried on the teams depth chart the last few years. The wide receiver groups has been loaded with talent as of late and just take a peek at a few NFL rosters you will see Cincinnati as the college. (Chris Moore and Johnny Holton)

Last season, Shaq Washington (school leader in receptions), Max Morrison, Alex Chisum, Mekale McKay, Johnny Holton and Chris Moore were all seniors and made it hard for the Tennessee native to see the field. He would see solid playing time, but with the wealth of talent in front of him the casual fan didn’t realize if Cole was good, bad or indifferent.

During the 2015 season he tallied up 19 catches for 262 yards and 1 touchdown. Wasn’t anything to do a backflip about, but (beating a dead horse) with the depth at the wide receiver position it was sometimes we all should’ve taken more notice of.

Even with a decent season last year, nobody knew what to expect of Cole coming into his senior campaign. Throughout the first six games, one thing you notice is he is the leader and a solid playmaker. He isn’t the fastest guy on the field, but he route great routes and has great hands, if the ball is in his area it is a high percentage that number 84 is going to come down with it.

Currently he has a career high in catches, yards and touchdowns. 35 catches for 364 yards and 4 touchdowns is his stat line during the first six games. Before his senior season he had 3 touchdowns total and he has already passed that mark half way through the season. I want to see where he ends up at the end of the season because if he can keep on this pace he’s in store for a very next season.

Cole is a testament of seeing it through, when you are buried behind the talent he was it would’ve been easier for somebody with his skill to transfer to a school to have an opportunity to shine earlier in his college career. He didn’t do that and is currently seeing the fruits of his labor come to light in his final season.

The Bearcats are lucky Cole stuck around and it is cool to see a young man put in the work to shine when his number is called. #BearcatNation make sure you appreciate Nate Cole, he deserves some praise.

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