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After finding out the Big 12 shelved expansion talk the University of Cincinnati released a statement

We learned after the Big 12 meetings on October 17th that the conference will not be expanding in the near future. After learning the news the University of Cincinnati released a statement.

Well #BearcatNation learned that the Cincinnati Bearcats in all sports won't be heading to the Big 12 conference anytime soon. I have my various reasons why this didn't happen, but I won't add fuel to the fire in this post, meet me on the message boards if  you want to discuss and we can take a deeper dive.

Cincinnati to the Big 12 was something that has been swirling around for months, but with the inconsistent information that has been put out by the Big 12 it was more like elementary "he said" "she said" and at the end the Bearcats like the many other schools whom put their name in the hat got spurned by the conference who can't get out of its own way.

*cough cough* can we say the new Big East?

This program must keep pushing and do the best it can in the American Athletic Conference until further notice, a chance at the Power Five or not they must keep taking the right steps for all the programs to prosper.

Check out the statement the University of Cincinnati put out after the news.

Per GoBearcats

Today's Big 12 announcement does not change the fact that we remain committed, competitive and optimistic. This process has only strengthened our collective resolve that we can compete with the best in class from academics to athletics. Thank you all for your passionate and unwavering support of our great University. Stand with us as we fight on and seek the highest.

Go Bearcats!

Beverly J. Davenport

Interim President

Mike Bohn

Director of Athletics

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