Bearcats Insider spoke with Jacob Evans after stunning win versus Iowa State

Tre Larkins of Bearcats Insider spoke with Cincinnati Bearcats guard Jacob Evans Saturday during media availability. Check out what Evans had to say.

Bearcat Insider: So, Jacob tell me about the 55-54 overtime win over No. 19/21 Iowa State on Thursday night?

Evans: Well it was a tough game with two great teams going at it battling all out to get the win. You could tell it was tough because it went to overtime, but it was a great win for us even though we didn’t play well offensively we played really good defensively holding them to only 54 points. I just feel like we can continue to build on that, our offense will take care of itself and we will be in good shape rest of the season.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about that late game moment when you had to make free throws to give your team the lead in overtime?

Evans: Well you know we practice on pressure free throw shooting at the end of practices. Basically we put ourselves in one and one situations with whole team on baseline and if you miss you have to run. So I feel like it was one of those situations you have to go up there with confidence and knock down the free throws to get the win.

Bearcat Insider: You guys got the win, but in a ugly way shooting only 36% from the floor what kind of confidence can that give this team for the rest of the season as it gets closer to March to win these type of games?

Evans: It gives us confidence that we know we can win the close ones even when things aren’t going our way throughout the whole game. In March sometimes either a team is making shots or not making shots and you have to find a way to win and I feel like we did that the other night and I think it can help us be a better team.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about your floor general Troy Caupain not really shooting ball well, but he’s doing everything else well, how important is he to your success as a team?

Evans: See as a team we don’t really focus on our shooting percentage because we know during the season everything will average out. Troy is a good shooter and even though he is shooting a low percentage right now I still know he will knock down shots when we need him too and he is just a great floor leader. He’s the voice for us on the court and I feel like if we follow him the rest of the year we will have a good season.

Bearcat Insider: For you personally in what ways do you want to improve on your game to help this team win games the rest of the season?

Evans: Mainly rebounding on the defensive end and offensive end I feel like I can do a better job of rebounding overall. Also being a little bit more aggressive in key offensive moments when we need to score, but coach just wants me to play hard. He knows if I continue to play hard the talent will show so I just try to play with a high motor.

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