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Bearcat Insider speaks with Cincinnati Bearcats forward Gary Clark

Tre Larkins of Bearcat Insider talked with Cincinnati Bearcats forward Gary Clark. Check out what Clark had to say.

Bearcat Insider: How important was it for the team to come away with the victory over No. 19/21 Iowa State Thursday night?

Clark: It was very important for our team and I think we can build off the win, but nothing to get too high on. It was enough that we proved to ourselves that we can win in an environment like that and now it’s a bigger target on our chest so it’s something we have to keep building on.

Bearcat Insider: Now you were able to play in that game after the ankle injury you suffered against Lipscomb so how did the ankle feel and how were you able to move around?

Clark: I felt fine obviously it was a little sore, but big games like that nothing else matters but getting the win which we ultimately did so overall I felt pretty good.

Bearcat Insider: You guys only shot 36% from the field so what were the keys to winning that type of game where you are struggling as a team offensively?

Clark: Just being disciplined and staying together throughout the course of the game. Defensively not turning their shooters loose, because they had three guys who could really take over a game from outside the arc and staying together when they went on their run and went up 4 so just staying together as a team was a major key for us.

Bearcat Insider: Looking ahead to the rest of the season getting a win over a Iowa State team who obviously beat you guys last year what kind of confidence can this team gain for the rest of the season?

Clark: It helps us big time because we have a couple more road games that will be in hostile environments. We have Bowling Green tomorrow and we go to Butler next week so it’s big for our team knowing we can win in such hostile environments.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about Kyle Washington’s play in that matchup against Iowa State?

Clark: He did well especially defensively he is doing better in general. He’s giving us a lot offensively of course and he is aggressive on the offensive glass we all feed off of it as bigs. You see him spin out and grab a rebound and put back in it’s contagious.

Bearcat Insider: For you personally how do you want to elevate your game to another level to help this team win games the rest of the season?

Clark: To just keep being aggressive and taking open shots. Also passing and making great decisions offensively making sure I’m rebounding at all times.

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