No. 22 Cincinnati Bearcats poor second half bites them at No. 16 Butler, 75-65

The Cincinnati Bearcats traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to face the Butler Bulldogs on Saturday. They didn't have the same results they had in Ames earlier in the year as they loss 75-65.

Video is provided via Bearcats TV.

Quick breakdown on why the Cincinnati Bearcats loss 75-65, in a game that was tied 35-35 at halftime. Kyle Washington had a bad game, hey it is going to happen, but nobody plans on one of your key players scoring 7 points, 0 rebounds and 5 fouls. Also they shot 6 of 26 from three as a team and only got 4 points from the bench. That is a recipe for a loss, now for people saying the sky is falling calm down they are still 7-2 and have split two true quality road games.

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