When talking with Andre Revels on the phone Monday night I was surprised to hear some new news.

We told you about Colerain Cardinal Linebacker Andre Revels making his verbal commitment to the Bearcat program on Sunday. Has his Cardinal defensive counterpart done the same?

In talking with Andre Revels on Monday night I asked the star linebacker if any of his Colerain teammates were going to call UC home.

Andre didn't think and said "Terrill is a Bearcat" and I quickly learned that Terrill Byrd, a 6'1 265 lb. defensive linemen will also be part of the Bearcats 2005 recruiting class. While I haven't confirmed this statement with Terrill, I have dealt with Andre long enough to know he wouldn't lead me down the wrong path.

At this time I have a call into Terrill and will have his official statement very soon.

If Terrill and Andre are in the fold, could Dominick Goodman be far behind? The thought of Dominick Goodman wearing the Black and Red of the Bearcats brings a chill down my spine.

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