On Sunday night Bearcat Insider spoke with Terrill "The Byrd Man" Byrd about recruiting and what the future holds. Only Bearcat Insider has the truth.

Terrill Byrd has seen much talk about his recruiting. Truths and false statements have Terrill going to UC or into the MAC at Toledo. Only Bearcat Insider caught up with "The Byrd Man" on Sunday during a card game with Mister Simpson, Andre Revels and a few other Colerain Cardinal teammates.

In talking with Terrill we put the rumors to rest and now list Terrill Byrd as a solid commitment with the UC Bearcats. Terrill went One-on-One and didn't wait to share his love for the Bearcat program.

BCI: Are you a Bearcat?

TB: Yes! I gave my commitment to Coach Hinton a few weeks ago.

BCI: What did you like most about UC?

TB: The environment of the whole program. Academics, football and the support of the university made me feel like UC could be my home for the next four or five years.

BCI: What are you looking to study at UC?

TB: I'm looking hard at business at this time. UC has a great business school and that's the direction I'm leaning towards.

BCI: What have the coaches said about playing during your freshman year?

TB: They told me that I would be given the chance to earn playing time as a freshman. If I earn it I will play.

BCI: If UC wasn't going to the Big East would you have given them your commitment?

TB: No! I wanted to play in a conference with the chance of winning a national title and play in major bowl games. The move into the Big East will allow that.

BCI: What are your feelings about the recruiting process?

TB: I didn't like it at all. So many of the schools tell you what you want to hear and not tell you the truth about their program or what they think of you. I'm glad that it's over with.

BCI: You visited Toledo, did you like your visit there?

TB: Yes, but it's not UC. Cincinnati was up front and started recruiting from the time the state championship game ended.

BCI: So the UC coaches came after you hard?

TB: Yes.

BCI: What other things did you like about the Bearcat program?

TB: I really liked the academic support team at UC.

BCI: How is the recruiting process working for your brother?

TB: He had an offer from Kent State. They have since dropped that offer and he's looking at Morehead

State. He's going there on Tuesday. But he's also looking at walking on at UC.

BCI: What about Dominick. Is he going to be a Bearcat?

TB: I spoke with him today (Sunday) and I really feel he's going to be a Bearcat. At least that is what he's telling me.

BCI: How does it feel knowing a couple of your Colerain teammates are going to at UC with you?

TB: It's a great feeling. We have been together for so long it would seem strange not to have them with me.

BCI: What was winning the State Championship like?

TB: It was great. We worked hard as a team for the past three years and to be able to win the championship was a great feeling and honor.

BCI: What does your family feel about you staying home and being part of the Bearcat program?

TB: My family is real happy with my choice. My mother is very excited about it as well as my father. This way I'm staying real close to home and they will be able to see me play during my career.

BCI: What do you want to accomplish when you're at UC?

TB: I want to earn a degree and bring a championship to Cincinnati just like we did at Colerain. I also want to become a starter.

BCI: Terrill thanks for taking the time and talking with us. We wish you the beat at UC and will be talking with you soon.

TB: Thank you. I look forward talking with you again.

While I enjoyed my talk with Terrill, I couldn't help but feel the others in the background were taking advantage of him during their card game. I want to be the first to welcome Terrill into the Bearcat program. The Cincinnati connection is getting stronger with the recruiting efforts of the Bearcat staff. It's always been said if ever a Bearcat coach would work to keep Southwest Ohio and Cincinnati talent home, the Bearcats would be a program to watch. With the move into the Big East the Bearcat football program will be using Ohio football talent to help them win a Big East title and well as a major bowl game

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