After taking his official visit in December, this super defensive back prospect made the call to the UC Coaching staff.

Michael Mickens didn't find much love from those so called recruiting experts. While they didn't see Michael as a D-I prospect, I did. Having seen Michael (MICK) play over the past three years, I knew he had the talent college coaches would be looking for.

As a top cover man for the Warriors, Mickens showed the ability to make the pick when needed or shut down a teams go to receiver. What made Michael an even greater asset was his ability to stop the run. He led Wayne in tackles from his safety position this past season and was the most consistent player on the defensive side of the ball for Warriors Head Coach Jay Minton.

What will Michael Mickens bring to the Bearcat football program? Speed, attitude, work ethic and athletic ability make Michael Mickens one of the top hidden gems in this years recruiting class.

We spoke with Mick about UC, his official visit and his future in this latest addition of BCI One-On-One.

BCI: When did you take your official visit to UC?

MM: I visited on December 10th & 11th.

BCI: What did you do while you were there?

MM: The team was preparing for their bowl game and I had a chance to watch them practice. This gave me a chance to watch how the coaches coached and see what was expected me as a player.

BCI: What did you like about your visit?

MM: I liked everything. I liked how the players treated me. How the coaches were honest with me and my family and the atmosphere surrounding the program. I also like what I saw about the new weight room and training facilities that are being built. They are putting a lot into their athletic programs.

BCI: What Bearcat coach was recruiting you?

MM: Coach Uhlenhake was recruiting me.

BCI: While on your visit who was your host?

MM: DeAngelo Smith was my host. He's also a corner back.

BCI: Did the Bearcats move into the Big East play a part when you made your choice?

MM: No. I liked what I saw and how the coaches treated me during the process. They didn't put any pressure on me about my choice or when I committed. My goal is to play in the NFL and now if you're good enough it doesn't matter where you play. But playing in a big conference can only help you as a player.

BCI: You were said to have committed to Bowling Green. Did that really happen and what changed your mind?

MM: Yes I committed, but it was done out of pressure. BG wanted me to verbal and I felt that if I didn't they may not take me. Coach Minton called BG and told them I was going to visit UC before I made a choice. Once I made my visit to UC I knew that is where I wanted to be.

BCI: What's your current size and speed?

MM: I'm 6'0, 165 lbs. and ran a 4.41 40.

BCI: What did your family say about your choice?

MM: My mother was happy about my choice. My father lives in Cincinnati and he supports my choice also. My mother went on my visit and she enjoyed the coaches and what she saw about the school.

BCI: Have you seen the recruiting class that UC is bringing in?

MM: Yea I saw that they got the quarterback from Colerain and he's real good. I also saw they got the linebacker (Revels) and the defensive linemen (Byrd). Then I saw they got another real good player from Glenville. This is going to be a real good class of players and I'm sure they all want to win.

BCI: Are you planning on going to the spring game?

MM: Yes, unless I have a track meet.

BCI: Talking about track. Are you ready for this year and the chance of winning another state hurdles championship?

MM: Yes. Right now were doing indoor track. So I'll be ready when the outdoor season starts.

BCI: Did the coaches talk about you playing as a freshman?

MM: At this time they said they have a lot of players that are graduating and everyone coming in will be given the chance to earn playing time. So if I can pick up the defense I should have a chance to play this fall.

BCI: What did you think about the recruiting process?

MM: It was alright. The UC coaches were great. They didn't try and put pressure on me about when I made my choice. They showed they wanted me, but never did they put pressure on me.

BCI: Mick it's been great talking to you about your verbal and I look forward to watching your career in college at UC.

MM: Thank you.

As I said, I've watched Michael Mickens play over the past three seasons and know what type of player and person he is. Bearcat fans will see that Michael Mickens will represent UC very well as a student athlete. I also want to thank Mick for taking the time and talking about his commitment with the Bearcats.




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