Bearcat Insider goes One-on-One with a future Bearcat who's excited about the journey he's getting ready to take.

"Brad Jones"

Write down the name and remember as this top prospect makes his mark over the next four or five years on the field turf at Nippert Stadium. With great size and speed Jones will become a main cog for the Bearcats defensive backfield. We spoke with Brad about his Bearcat commitment and found out more about the Canton McKinley defensive back.

BCI: Brad, what made Cincinnati the school for you?

BJ: The direction the program is taking is upward. I'm real excited about that direction and want to be part of it.

BCI: What sold you on UC?

BJ: The coaching staff and the players who are already in the program. During my visit I spent time with Mike Daniels, Antoine Horton and Adam Roberts. They all spoke about the coaches and how great they were.

BCI: When did you make your commitment?

BJ: I took my visit in December, but made my commitment in September.

BCI: Is that commitment still strong?

BJ: Yes, very strong.

BCI: Did you visit any other schools?

BJ: No, after seeing what Cincinnati had to offer I stopped my recruiting. I thought about taking other visits, but I was sold on the Bearcats.

BCI: What other schools were recruiting you?

BJ: I had West Virginia, Toledo, Michigan State and Bowling Green recruiting me.

BCI: As a player what do you feel are your strengths?

BJ: My size and speed. I'm 6'2 and now weight 190 lbs. I want to be at 195 lbs. when I report. I bench over 330 lbs. and can't wait until I get into the weight program. When I camped at Bowling Green I ran a 4.34 40.

BCI: What's your weakness as a player?

BJ: I know that I need to work on my technique. This year I played corner and I know that I'm going to be headed back to safety.

BCI: What do you remember most about your visit at UC?

BJ: The Coaching staff and how the players bonded with the coaches. I also liked what I saw of Varsity Village and everything that is being built to take the program to the next level.

BCI: Will you be going down early or for a week or two in the summer?

BJ: I'm looking to enroll for summer school. I spoke with Coach Dantonio about doing it and he's all for that. I can't wait, I'm real excited.

BCI: Your team had a great season, what do you remember most about this year?

BJ: Our start was a rough one. But we started building momentum and never looked back. The state title game was real exciting. When we beat Glenville people were surprised, but we knew we could do it and we did. We were not surprised.

BCI: You lost to three guys who are going to be your teammates in a few months. What about those guys?

BJ: Man, Andre Revels and Tyrell Byrd were making plays all over the field on defense and Dominick running all over the place, they were the best team I've ever played against.

BCI: Who's the toughest player you ever gone against?

BJ: Mario Manningham of Warren Harding and Tony Gonzales of St. Ignatius are the two toughest players I've played against.

BCI: Did you get a chance to come to a game or visit any other school during the season?

BJ: No most of our games were on Saturdays so I didn't get a chance to take in any games.

BCI: What are you looking to study at UC?

BJ: I'm looking at Communications at this time.

BCI: Do you have dreams of playing at the next level?

BJ: Yes that's my goal.

BCI: What did your family think about Cincinnati?

BJ: My family loved Coach Dantonio and Coach Gill. There very happy about my decision.

BCI: What did you think about the recruiting process?

BJ: It was a good experience for me. I took several unofficial visits during the spring and summer. I like the feeling you get with reporters and coaches calling you. While I'm not glad it's over, I'm very excited about the future.

BCI: Let's get to know more about you. What is your favorite food?

BJ: I love Chinese food.

BCI: If we looked in your CD player what would we find?

BJ: Rap. You would find rap and TI.

BCI: If we talked with your friends what would they say about you?

BJ: They would say I'm really laid back and the kind of guy who like attention.

BCI: What is your favorite subject in school?

BJ: American History is my favorite subject.

BCI: What will you miss most about high school?

BJ: The tradition of Canton McKinley.

Brad I would like to thank you for taking the time and talking about your commitment to the Bearcats. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you on the field.

Having seen Brad play during the state championship game, I came away knowing this young man has a bright future as a Bearcat. He's got great size and should become a top notch defensive back for the Bearcats.


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