Bearcat Insider spoke with this future Bearcat offensive linemen about his official visit and more.

Don't blame Steve Gawronski if there's not much information known about him. He's not hiding, he's just gone so under the radar no one from the network took the time to call and get the lowdown about his recruiting and verbal commitment to the Bearcats.

Bearcat Insider didn't waste anytime in calling and speaking with the future linemen.

Steve may have found recruiting experts not calling, but it didn't stop college football coaches from making the call and getting his interest up. With several schools calling and sending mail during the process, Steve didn't worry about the lack of press coverage. Maybe it's just because as a linemen he's use to not seeing much attention.

Standing 6'3 and 280 lbs. Steve has very good feet and will fit in nice at pulling guard in the Bearcat system. Having run a 5.0 40 time and able to bench 310 lbs. Gawronski can hold his own and get to the point of attack. We talked with Steve about his commitment and why he picked the Bearcats.

BCI: How was the recruiting experience for you?

SG: It was good. I really enjoyed it for the most part.

BCI: What part of recruiting will you miss?

SG: All the phone calls and mail I received from the different schools. It's really neat to get all that attention.

BCI: What didn't you like about the process?

SG: Traveling to all the camps this past summer. We did a lot of driving and it got kind of boring.

BCI: How many camps did you go to?

SG: If I remember right, it was six camps.

BCI: What schools were recruiting you?

SG: Cincinnati, Toledo, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Akron, Miami of Ohio and Iowa.

BCI: Did you camp at UC?

SG: Yes I did camp at UC.

BCI: What did you like about UC?

SG: The coaches and the campus. I liked what I saw being built and know that's the right place to be.

BCI: Would you have committed to UC if they weren't going into the Big East?

SG: Yes. After being at some of the other schools, UC had more to offer.

BCI: Who was your recruiting coach?

SG: Coach Dan Enos was the coach from UC that recruited me.

BCI: Has Coach Dantonio or Coach Uhlenhake talked about you playing as a freshman?

SG: They told me with all the seniors they are losing, I would have a very good chance to earn playing time my freshman year.

BCI: When did you give your verbal?

SG: It was the third week of our regular season, so early September is when I gave my commitment.

BCI: When do you plan to come into Cincinnati for good?

SG: I will report for camp in early August. I hope to go down a few times and workout with the team during the summer.

BCI: Have you been following the other players that are said to be coming to UC? And if so, what do you think?

SG: Yes I have been watching. I think this is a great class. I know many of the guys coming in and I know they all want to work do their best in college.

BCI: What are you looking to study at UC?

SG: I'm looking right now at Advanced Medical Imaging or Corrections. One of those two areas is where I'm looking at right now.

BCI: What type of GPA do you carry?

SG: My core GPA is 3.1.

BCI: Are you fully qualified?

SG: Yes, I'm ready to go.

BCI: What are your goals at UC as a player?

SG: To play to the best of my ability and earn a chance to play in the NFL.

BCI: Who was your host during your visit?

SG: My host was Trevor Canfield during my visit.

BCI: Let's learn a little more about you. What is your favorite subject in school?

SG: That would be chemistry.

BCI: What's your favorite food?

SG: I like everything.

BCI: What type of music do you listen to?

SG: I like Rap and some Pop music.

BCI: Steve I would like to thank you for taking the time and letting those on Bearcat Insider get to know more about you.

SG: Thank you.

That ended our interview with Steve. He's was a very polite young man and I really enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with him. Stay with Bearcat Insider as we keep tracking down Bearcat recruits.






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