With talk of low graduation rates among many college football programs, The University of Cincinnati places with the best.

Tom Hathaway released a statement about the 56 Bowl teams that playing at the end of the 2004 season. The statement released was about graduation rates among these schools. Coming in eighth place was the UC Bearcats football program.

Those ahead of the program included the following schools.

1. Syracuse 78% - Champs Sports 78 Bowl

2. Boston College 78% - Continental Tire Bowl

3. Notre Dame 77% - Insight Bowl

4. Virginia 75% - MPC Computer Bowl

5. Southern Mississippi 66% - New Orleans 66

6. Purdue 63% - Sun Bowl

7. Toledo 62% - Motor City Bowl

8. Cincinnati 60% - Ft. Worth Bowl

As you can see, most of the schools at the top consist of private schools. Then you have your state schools. This is the second time the Bearcats have seen an over 60% mark.

How did some of the other programs do?

25. Ohio State 52% - Alamo Bowl

46. West Virginia 46% - Gator Bowl

52. Louisville 35% - Liberty Bowl

55. Pittsburgh 31% - Fiesta Bowl

These figures were released by the Knight Foundation Commission. They showed that UC graduated 60 percent of its players from the four-year span ending with the 1997-98 academic year. Freshman who entered UC in 1997-98 had an 86% graduation rate.

Great Job Bearcats!!!

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