Soon to sign Bearcat Thomas Claggett talks about his visit and the Bearcat program only with Bearcat Insider.

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Bearcat football is at an all-time high. With membership into the Big East Conference starting this year, Bearcat fans have reasons to be hyped for football. One of the reasons this has become such a special year is the class of incoming recruits. One of these top players spent Monday night talking with Bearcat Insider about his choice and what lies ahead.

BCI: When did you take your official visit to Cincinnati?

TC: I took my visit in December.

BCI: What did you like about the program once you visited the campus?

TC: Everything! But it wasn't what I saw that sold me on UC. It's what the coaches had to say. All the other schools talked about football. The coaches at UC talked about me getting a degree. That's what I was looking for. I want a school that is interested in me getting my degree and not just playing football.

BCI: What Bearcat Coach recruited you?

TC: Coach Narduzzi was the coach that recruited me.

BCI: What did you think of Coach Narduzzi?

TC: He's a cool guy. In fact all the coaches are pretty cool.

BCI: Who was your host during your official visit?

TC: Anthony Hoke was my host during my visit.

BCI: What are you looking to study at UC?

TC: I'm open at this time, but I have interest in Culinary Art.

BCI: What do you remember most about your visit?

TC: That I ate a lot of food.

BCI: What position has the coaching staff talked about you playing?

TC: They are looking at me playing Defensive tackle.

BCI: What do you consider your strength as a player?

TC: Speed. I have real good speed and use it to my advantage.

BCI: What do you consider your weakness as a player?

TC: My arm strength.

BCI: Do you have long arms?

TC: I don't know if there long or not. But I want to be stronger.

BCI: Would you have considered Cincinnati if they weren't headed to the Big East?

TC: Yes, I really liked everything I saw at Cincinnati. It's nice that the program is going to the Big East, but I think I would have picked them anyway. I really liked the coaches and the school.

TC: So you may stay in Cincinnati after your college career?

BCI: I don't know if I can say that now. But I wouldn't say no.

BCI: Have you set any goals for your freshman year?

TC: I want to start my freshman year. So my first goal is not to be red-shirted. I then would like to make Freshman All-American.

BCI: Do you have all your academic needs done for UC?

TC: No, I'm working hard right now to get everything done. I'm taking some classes over in night school and will be taking the test one more time.

BCI: How much did the commitment of your high school teammate (Patrick Mimms) have in you picking UC?

TC: It played a little part in my choice. I have enjoyed him as a teammate and would rather play with him then against him.

BCI: Let's learn more about you. What's your favorite food?

TC: Lasagna is my favorite food.

BCI: What is your favorite subject in school?

TC: History is my favorite subject.

BCI: What would we find in your CD player?

TC: Lil Jon and rap music.

BCI: So you like the southern ATL rap?

TC: Yea.

BCI: If we ask your friends about you, what would they tell us?

TC: My friends would say he's a nice guy. Everyone likes him and knows him and that he growls.

BCI: Tell us about Patrick. What's he like as a player and person?

TC: He's a great person and teammate. He's very smart and does more thinking than I do when on the field. I'm more of an instinct type of player and Patrick does more in study and thinking about the game.

BCI: Thomas I want to thank you for taking the time and talking with Bearcat Insider. We look forward to covering your Bearcat career.

TC: Thank you.

While Thomas is still working on getting everything put together. There's no doubt that he's excited about becoming a Bearcat. I found Thomas to be a polite young man who is soft spoken. You can tell he's sold on the Bearcat program and that just adds to what Bearcat fans should be saying about the job the coaching staff is doing during recruiting.

Stay tuned because I also spoke with Thomas Claggett's high school teammate and Bearcat verbal Patrick Mimms.

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