Bearcat Insider has worked to bring you in depth stories on the recruiting class of 2005. Here is the latest as Patrick Mimms goes One-on-One with BCI.

Talking with prospects during the recruiting process is a great joy. You learn what makes these young men tick and how they came to the decision of where they will spend the next four or five years of their young adult life. You also learn about their dreams and the type of people they are.

Our next One-on-One is with Patrick Mimms of Frederick Douglass High School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

BCI: What is your current size and weight?

PM: I'm 6'3 and 270 lbs. at this time.

BCI: What is the best 40 times you have run?

PM: 4.65 is the best 40 time I've been clocked at.

BCI: We had you listed at 255 lbs. What have you been doing?

PM: I've been lifting 5 days a week. I had a goal of putting on some weight and I've added 12 lbs. since the end of the season.

BCI: When did you take your visit at UC?

PM: I made my official visit back in December.

BCI: What do you remember most about your visit?

PM: The atmosphere is what I remember most. I got to meet several players from the team and really enjoyed getting to know them.

BCI: Did you have a host on your trip?

PM: Yes, Bradley Glatthaar was my host. He's a real nice guy and I look forward to being his teammate.

BCI: What impressed you about the Bearcats coaching staff?

PM: My uncle and I were impressed with them telling us how things really are. They didn't sugar coat anything and were straight forward about everything. What impressed us the most was they will pressure you to succeed. The fact they are going to be on my side and prepare me to be the best person and athlete I can be was a big factor.

BCI: What did you do on your visit?

PM: The thing I enjoyed most was getting the chance to meet Mr. Ivory. He's part of the athletic department in Academics support. I really like the idea of the academic support program they have in place. With mandatory study table, I know the school wants me to get a degree.

BCI: What are you looking to study at UC?

PM: At this time I'm undecided. But I'm looking for things in the computer field. While I was on my visit I had the chance to see the criminal justice department also, but I really enjoy computers. So I'm going to wait and see what really interest me.

BCI: Would you have considered Cincinnati if they weren't headed into the Big East Conference?

PM: Yes! I was unaware they were headed to the Big East. But knowing that is just an added bonus. So I would have to say it really didn't matter much after seeing what they had to offer.

BCI: What other schools were you considering besides Cincinnati?

PM: Syracuse, Kent State had offered and Penn State, Virginia, Michigan State and North Carolina were still talking with me when I made my choice.

BCI: What do you feel is your greatest strength as a player?

PM: My intelligence of the game is my greatest strength. I feel I see things before they happen. I was my teams defensive captain and played all over the field. Linebacker, safety it didn't matter, but I just had a feel for the game.

BCI: What do you feel is your greatest weakness as a player?

PM: Controlling my mental part of the game. By that I mean not letting my emotions or temperament get in the way of my play. That is what I'm working on the most.

BCI: Are you all set with your academic work?

PM: Yes, I have a 2.8 GPA and scored a 26 on my ACT and a 1200 on my SAT.

BCI: When are you looking at heading for Cincinnati?

PM: I'm looking at taking some summer school classes to get a head start. That way I can workout with the team.

BCI: Are you excited about Wednesday?

PM: Yes, I was asking my coach today if the Fed Ex packages have come yet. I'm ready to sign and get started.

BCI: You're going to be coming to UC with your high school teammate Thomas Claggett. How much did knowing Thomas was also going to UC help you in making UC your choice?

PM: It's great that were going to get the chance of playing together in college. I can't really say it played a part in my decision, but I'm very excited about it.

BCI: Who was the coach that recruited you?

PM: That was Coach Narduzzi.

BCI: What do you think about Coach Narduzzi?

PM: He was great, my uncle and I really liked him. He and Coach Dontonio were always straight up front about what they felt about me.

BCI: What about Coach Dontonio, what do you think about him?

PM: Great coach. Just look at what he did at Ohio State. He's now doing that at Cincinnati. He had great defenses at OSU and they won a lot of games. That's what I want to do at UC. We call Coach Dontonio "The Godfather" he's so laid back and never waste any words on what he's trying to get across to you. We were also very impressed with Coach Gill who will be my position coach.

BCI: Let's learn more about you as a person. What is your favorite food?

PM: I really like chop steak and Salisbury steak.

BCI: If we opened your CD player what type of music would we find?

PM: Go Go Music.

BCI: What is your favorite subject in school?

PM: Science is my favorite subject.

BCI: If we asked your friends about you, what would they tell us?

PM: They would tell you I'm always up front and I have a good personality.

BCI: Patrick I want to thank you for talking with Bearcat Insider and we look forward to seeing you play for the Bearcats.

PM: Thank you.

Well that ends our One-on-One with Patrick Mimms. Patrick's a great kid who is really excited about becoming a Bearcat football player. With his athletic ability and size don't be surprised if you see Patrick on the field as a true freshman.

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