Bearcat Insider catches up with another Bearcat recruit on the night before National Letter of Intent Day. See what he says about becoming a Bearcat as BCI goes One-on-One with Kazeem Alli.

Kazeem Alli almost never became a Bearcat football recruit. In fact, he almost never got the chance to play football. Bearcat Insider spoke with Kazeem about his choice of the Bearcats and just how did he almost never have the chance to play football.

Bearcat fans you're going to love this kid. Kazeem Alli is a very well spoke young man who comes from a great family. With two younger brothers Kazeem may not be the last Alli that goes through the recruiting process. But what surprised me most during our conversation was the fact he almost never put on the pad and take to a football field.

Let's go One-on-One with Kazeem and find out the answers behind this and more.

BCI: When did you take your official visit?

KA: I made my visit in December. The 17th if I remember right.

BCI: What do you remember most about your visit?

KA: They took us on an academic tour and I got to visit the engineering department. That's what really impressed me.

BCI: So are you looking at becoming an engineer?

KA: Yes, at this time that is what I'm looking at studying.

BCI: Who was your host on your visit?

KA: Brent Celek another tight end was my host during my visit.

BCI: What did you think about the coaching staff?

KA: That they are good people who want what's best for me as a player and person.

BCI: What's your current size?

KA: I'm 6'3 and 220 lbs.

BCI: What's your 40 time?

KA: I run a 4.65 40.

BCI: What position has the coaching staff talked about you playing?

KA: Tight End.

BCI: Would you have considered Cincinnati if they weren't headed into the Big East Conference?

KA: I feel that I would have considered them, but I don't think they would have been at the top of my list.

BCI: What schools were recruiting you hard?

KA: Besides Cincinnati, I had offers from Arkansas State, Illinois, Michigan State and Missouri. I also had Tulsa recruiting me hard.

NOTE: It's believed that the Bearcats beat out Illinois for Kazeem's services.

BCI: Who was your recruiting coach?

KA: Coach Staten was my recruiting coach.

BCI: What did you think about Coach Staten?

KA: I like him a lot. He's a real nice guy and I based my decision off of him. He's the coach that I would be working with the most and I based it on that.

BCI: Do you have any goals for your freshman year?

KA: I just want to establish myself as part of the team.

BCI: Have the coaches talked about red-shirting you as a freshman?

KA: Not really. They told me they will be short at TE and that may help me get drafted.

BCI: What made the coaches different at UC?

KA: They talked more about life and getting an education. The other schools I visited were all about football.

BCI: What type of season did your high school team have?

KA: We went 5-5 this season.

BCI: Would you look at staying in Cincinnati after your college days are over?

KA: I don't know yet. My dream is to play at the next level.

BCI: What would you consider your greatest strength as a player?

KA: The ability to catch the ball and run away after making the catch.

BCI: What about weakness?

KA: My run blocking. I need to work on my run blocking.

BCI: I heard that your parents are from outside the country?

KA: Yes, there from Nigeria.

BCI: What do your parents think about football?

KA: They didn't want me to play it. There were afraid that I would get hurt. I was a basketball player but I was better at football then basketball.

BCI: I hear you have two younger brothers. Are they going to follow in your shoes?

KA: I don't know. There is a chance that they could.

BCI: Future Bearcats?

KA: They just could be. The youngest is 13 and the other one will turn 15 in June. They both play football and I'm going to be working with them.

BCI: Let's learn more about you. Who is your favorite pro football team?

KA: The Eagles are my team.

BCI: Who's your favorite player of all time?

KA: Terrell Owens is my favorite player.

BCI: Let's learn more about you. What is your favorite subject?

KA: Science

BCI: What is your favorite food?

KA: Pizza is my favorite food.

BCI: If we opened your CD player. What kind of music would be find?

KA: You would find Hip/Hop and some R&B music.

BCI: What is your favorite class?

KA: It would science as my favorite subject.

BCI: If we asked your friends, what would they tell us about you?

KA: They would tell you that I'm easy going and care free.

BCI: Kazeem I want to thank you for talking with Bearcat Insider. We look forward to covering your Bearcat career.

KA: Thank you.

I say enough how much I enjoyed speaking with Kazeem. Let's hope his younger brothers grow to be as big as he is and also want to be part of the Bearcat program.




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