Here is a position by position analysis of the recently completed recruiting class of 2005 by the University of Cincinnati. In grading Coach Mark Dantonio's second recruiting class, we'll analyze the players first; give a quality grade for each position, then a quantity grade. This is for linebackers only.

The quality grade is based on the caliber of athlete the Bearcats got for each position and the quantity grade is based on how the Bearcats did in meeting their needs.

LINEBACKER: With the loss of Jamar Enzor, Tyjuan Hagler and Jason Russell the Bearcats linebackers will need help during the seasons. With players like Anthony Hoke and Marcus Winston in the mix, the Bearcats looked to replace the three they lost.

Leo Morgan: Has the size and speed to line up on the outside and make plays. Will go sideline-to-sideline and make a jaw shaking hit. Morgan will compete for playing time this season on the Bearcats defense. Grade: B+

Andre Revels: Revels is from a football family. Andre is a true middle linebacker who will excel in the Bearcats defense. A leader on the field, Revels has the motor and work ethic to succeed for the Bearcats. Look for Andre to see the field his freshmen year on special teams at least. What makes Andre different from other linebackers is how he finishes plays. Andre explodes into ball carriers on every tackle. A sure tackler, Revels should become an All Big East performer before his career is over. Grade A+

Corey Smith: If Corey can't get on the field as a linebacker, he can always head over to running back and give the Bearcats a big weapon. In watching Corey's tape I can't decide if he's better suited to play running back or linebacker. If the Bearcats ever have the need I could see Corey tearing it up on the offensive side of the ball. He's got great feet and the ability to hit the gaps to make positive plays on either side. A sure tackler who will have the chance to see the field as a true freshmen. Look for coaches on both sides of the ball to fight over who will get this player. At this time the defense has won the battle. Grade A+

QUALITY GRADE A+: The Bearcats got what they needed. A linebacker that can come in and play from day one in Morgan, and two who will be main clogs for the Bearcats defense in the future. Getting Revels to stay home was a big boost to this class. After taking his UC visit he didn't take trips to South Carolina and West Virginia. Smith I really like as a running back. And I mean really like. But at this time the defense has won the battle of who will get him. He's a great athlete who should excel on either side of the ball.

QUANTITY GRADE: A+: Because of the talent coming back for the Bearcats I feel this group will fit right in and make an impact. Morgan making an instant impact will be huge for the Bearcats defense. Losing three top players is never easy, but with the quality of these three players the transaction should go smooth.

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