While there's talk about several Bearcats working towards the NFL, one that hasn't seen much said about himself is working hard to reach his childhood dream.

George Murray II has seen hard work and effort payoff during his Bearcat career. The former Bearcat receiver and backup quarterback is working hard to finish two goals.

The first is to receive his degree from the University of Cincinnati in general studies. The second is to get his shot of fulfilling his dream of playing at football's highest level, The NFL. While other Bearcats from the 2004 team are seeing more press, George is staying low and working hard in getting things right to show his wares for the Bearcats Pro-Day coming in a few weeks.

Bearcat Insider caught up with George at his workout facilities "Ignition Athletics Performance Group" based in Cincinnati on Kemper Road.

BCI: How does it feel to know your embarking towards the next step in your football career?

GM: It feels real good to be one step closer to fulfilling a childhood dream. It feels real good and gives me a lot of confidence in myself. I feel I'm very blessed.

BCI: What do you feel you will miss most from college ball?

GM: The fun part of it. You know what they say about going to the next level. It's a business, so I'll miss all the fun parts of playing with my teammates.

BCI: What would you tell kids that are going through the recruiting process about UC?

GM: UC is a great school. I mean we have a great coaching staff, and their great at teaching you what you need to know. There also good at working on your off the field stuff because they know your not going to be a football player the rest of your life. So there a real great football staff and you'll have a great future at UC.

BCI: What are you being told about the NFL?

GM: I'm being told about being a free agent, but I'm working real hard and I have faith in God that I'll have a great Pro-Day and help rise my stock.

BCI: What's it like being here at Ignition working with guys from different schools as all of you get ready for the next level?

GM: It's real good. You get to see players from different schools and learn how they were trained and about what their experiences in college were like.

BCI: So you're hearing about being a receiver at the next level?

GM: Yes, that's what I'm being looked at.

BCI: What's a typical week like as you prepare for Pro-Day?

GM: We workout five days a week. We lift on four of those days (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri) and on Wednesday we do more ground base work with speed.

BCI: How would you compare college workouts to what you're doing here?

GM: College workouts are based more on gaining strength every time. These workouts are based more on getting a tight body and maintaining strength. Now were working on the combine drills, in college you're not really working on the combine drills.

BCI: Who's your agent?

GM: Jeff Chilcoat of Sterling Sports Management out of Columbus, Ohio.

Bearcat Insider wishes George and all the Bearcats the best during their Pro-Days and combines this spring.


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