It's hard to believe I've been watching Trent Cole play football for thirteen years. That's right, I said thirteen years and counting... As Trent prepares for the NFL Combine, he spoke with Bearcat Insider "One-on-One"

While most fans of Trent Cole have been following his career since he became a Bearcat, I've had the pleasure of seeing Trent develop from a Pee-Wee football player in Xenia, to a top-notch career as a UC Bearcat.

Over the years one thing has been consistent. Trent Cole will give you everything you want and more.

The early battles started between my brother Jeff Berk and Trent when both played on opposite teams in the Wee-Buc football program. Once Jeff moved to Huber Heights, the battles continued during their junior high and high school careers.

As Jeff headed off to West Virginia and Trent to Cincinnati they again saw their paths cross as the two teams battled during the 2002 and 2003 seasons. Each time no matter what the outcome, both players would meet on the field and talk about old times. Today they still talk. But now their conversations are about the future and hopes of a NFL career.

I asked Jeff if he would contact Trent to see if he would be interested in talking with Bearcat Insider. His answer was a quick yes. I want to thank Trent for taking time out of his busy schedule as he prepares for the upcoming NFL Combine and draft.

BCI: Trent how are things going?

TC: Good, very good.

BCI: What are you being told about your position in the draft?

TC: At this time I'm hearing that teams are looking at me in the second round, but I have also been told I could slip into the late first round.

BCI: Where are you now?

TC: I'm in Baltimore right now preparing for the combine.

BCI: What is your typical day like?

TC: I get up between 7 and 8 and eat breakfast. I then get to the workout facilities around 9 and we start doing our body work. We do a real long warm-up and then well get in some running technique. Around 2 we start doing some upper body work and then on certain days we will do some boxing, yoga or pool work. So we stay real busy all week long.

BCI: What are you hearing teams say are your strengths?

TC: They seem to like my strength, speed, awareness and quickness. I have lots of quickness. Plus the fact I could play two positions at the next level allows them to take a player that's versatile. Because of my strengths I'm able to stop the run and also rush the passer.

BCI: You played in the Senior Bowl, and teams like to take that time and talk with prospects. What was that like?

TC: It was a great experience for me. I talked with many teams and had the chance to speak with head coaches, general managers and even some owners.

BCI: Let's look at your UC experience. What was playing for Coach Dantonio like?

TC: It was great. He's a real players coach and a person with a lot of class.

BCI: What will you miss most about your days at UC?

TC: My teammates... We became a family and went through the battles and college lives together. So I would say that is what I'm going to miss most.

BCI: Is there a game that stands out in your mind?

TC: There are quite a few that do. But I would have the game I had three sacks against East Carolina is one that really sticks out.

BCI: What would you like to tell Bearcat fans?

TC: I would tell them I'm thankful to all of them for the support they gave us a team. And I hope they keep coming out to support the next group that's coming up. I had a great experience playing at UC, and things are only going to get better with the team going into the Big East. UC is a great school with great fans, I will miss that.

BCI: How are you coming along with your degree?

TC: I'm coming back in March to finish my degree.

BCI: Are there plans to have a big party on draft day?

TC: Yes, we'll have a big party back home.

BCI: Trent, I wish you the best and we'll be watching come draft day.

TC: Thank you.

I can't thank Trent enough for talking with Bearcat Insider. During our conversation he expressed how nice it was to see someone giving the football team great coverage. Trent and I agreed to speak again after the combine so Bearcat fans can hear how his experience is going.

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