When looking at players who should be named to the Top 100 in 2006, look no farther than Cincinnati, Ohio.

Princeton High School is home of "The Offer Man", that is what Aaron Brown is being called. With offers coming on a daily basis, there is no other Ohio athlete getting as much attention. Why is Aaron blowing up the recruiting scene? It's simple... He's legit!


Look at the numbers. When a player has size, speed and athletic ability, you have a player who can make a difference. Throw in a strong academic background and you have a five-star prospect.

While Ohio's 2006 class is loaded with offensive line talent, it's Aaron Brown who first caught my eye.

Back in July I went down to Princeton High School for a seven-on-seven event. While there I was looking at receivers and quarterbacks from Elder, Princeton, Wayne and Roger Bacon High Schools. While I was pleased to view Craig Carey, Greg Orton and E.J. Morton-Green, it was what I saw off on the side that took my attention.

While talking with Princeton Head Coach Brian Dodds, we spoke about a few seniors who were getting some looks. Then, Coach Dodds said "I have this kid. He's going to be something special." So I quickly asked Brian were I could find this kid. Sure enough, there stood this player with long arms and great feet who had caught my eye just a few minutes before. When I asked how big was this kid, Coach Dodds said he's around 6'6 and in the upper 200's.


So off I went to get a photo and watch as some of the linemen were working on their footwork on their own. When I got the kids name, I came back and did my first story on Aaron Brown.

A little less than a month later, I watched Aaron Brown take the field in the Crosstown Showdown, and the rest as they say is history.

For those who haven't seen Aaron Brown. We have a few photos of Aaron during a workout session just a few days ago. As you can see from the photos, Aaron is very impressive looking. But Aaron is not just a pretty body college coaches have taken a liking too. His highlight film has impressed many of the major programs in the country.

Aaron received his Bearcat offer during the Wake Forest game this winter. Soon after Ohio State followed and the "Offer Man" was off and running. Here is the complete list of offers along with Aaron's latest one.


University of Cincinnati

The Ohio State University

Boston College

Miami Fla.





West Virginia





and his latest offer....Syracuse

This weekend Aaron and his father are taking in Indiana and Louisville University. They are in the process of taking trips to West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Auburn, Alabama, Maryland, Florida, and Miami Fla...

Look for more schools to make Aaron's offer list grow. Schools like USC, South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska and Georgia are in the process of being next on this impressive list.

While the Bearcats may have been the first to offer, they won't be the last. Many have penciled Aaron to Ohio State. But it's my belief Aaron's got a way to go before his recruiting is over.

Do the Bearcats have a chance? While I can't say Aaron will be an easy recruit to sign, I feel Coach Dantonio and his staff will be given a chance to earn Aaron's signature. When Aaron would arrive on campus, Cincinnati will have already opened some of the best facilities in the country.

Will Aaron Brown share the vision Coach Dantonio has for Bearcat football and place the Bearcats at the top? That will be the biggest recruiting question Bearcat fans will be asking during the next

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