We put out the call for people interested in being "Interns" at Bearcat Insider. What we found, was a person I can't call an intern. With 25 years as a Bearcat season football ticket holder and as a former writer for Bearcat Sports Digest for 5 years. Bearcat Insider is happy to announce Tim Adams as the newest member of our staff.

After placing our information for interns on the Bearcat Insider Message Boards, Tim Adams answered the call and put his name out there for our consideration. One look at his past, and I soon decided Tim would bring great knowledge and insight to Bearcat fans. So while Tim was just looking to fill our internship, he soon became a staff member.

Tim's a veteran of Bearcat sports. While working at Bearcat Sports Digest, Tim was responsible for the "Where Are They Now" articles that fans enjoyed. When ISP bought Bearcat Sports Digest, Tim parted ways with the new ownership.

Tim, who's an English teacher at Blanchester High School, has been an avid Bearcat football fan for the past 25 years. He knows Bearcat football and UC athletics don't get the media support they deserve.

Tim has a background in football. He's a former assistant varsity football coach and comes from a family that's involved with college athletics.

Tim's brother is Mark Adams, analyst for Dayton Flyer basketball and Atlantic 10 basketball games on Fox Sports Net.

While were still in search for interns, Tim's a person I felt who would give Bearcat fans another experienced voice on Bearcat Insider.

I hope everyone welcomes Tim to Bearcat Insider. Look for Tim's articles on both and in Bearcat Insider the Magazine.

Before Tim accepted our position, he explained that he was impressed by what Bearcat Insider was providing fans of UC. Tim wants everyone to know he was a paid subscriber of Bearcat Insider before coming on board.

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