Q & A with Daven Holly and Andre Frazier

Bearcat Insider's Tim Adams tracked down Daven Holly and Andre Frazier in Phoenix as they prepare for the NFL combine later this week.




6'5" - 240 LBS.




5'11" - 184 LBS.


Q.  How are you preparing for the combine?

Holly.  I'm doing a lot of speed type work along with some agility drills.  I'm
basically doing the same drills I'll be doing at the combine.

Frazier.   I'm working out about 4 hours a day.  I'm doing a lot of weight
training along with speed and agility drills.

Q.  What is your height, weight and forty yard dash times?

Holly.  I'm 5'11" and 190 pounds.  I'm running a 4.36 forty.

Frazier.   I'm 6'4" and 230 pounds.  I can run a 4.6 forty.  I'm also hoping to
bench press 225 lbs. 25 times.

Q.  What do you consider your strengths at your position?  (Holly has played CB
only 2 seasons)

Holly.  I think my main strength is my technique.

Frazier.  Versatility.  I can play some DE and LB.  I think they could use my
speed in rushing the quarterback.

Q.  Has there been much interest from NFL teams?

Holly.  I know a number of teams are inquiring, but I can't give you names.

Frazier.   I haven't heard directly from anyone.  

Q.  Have you already graduated from UC?

Holly. Yes. I have my degree in communications.

Frazier.  I have a degree in finance with a minor in real estate.

Q.  What were some differences between playing for Coach Minter and playing for
Coach Dantonio?

Holly.  It was a little different.  Coach Minter had been there so long.  He
knew what he wanted.  Coach Dantonio was a strategic coach.  He always had great
game plans.  He also was very big on building character.

Frazier.  Coach Dantonio focused on players more.  Players got more of a
leadership role with the team.  Coach Dantonio is a coach you can talk to.  How
do I say this?  Coach Minter wanted everything done his way.

Q.  Who do you expect to replace you next year at UC?

Holly.  Antoine Horton will definitely take over the spotlight.  John Bowie and
Walter Dudley should play too.

Frazier.  I'm pretty sure Adam Roberts will take my spot, and Anthony Hoke will
be very good too.

Q.  Is there a Plan B in the event you're not drafted?

Holly.  Plan B would be going to the CFL or possibly the arena league.  The
other possibility is I may go to pharmaceutical sales and use my degree.

Frazier.  Hopefully I'll get a job in commercial real estate.  I'm really not
looking for a football career outside the NFL.

Q.  How was it playing for Pat Narduzzi (defensive coordinator)?

Holly.  He really, really gets you ready for a game.  He really energizes you.

Frazier.  It was a good experience.  He's a good coach, and I liked all the

Q.  Other than Trent Cole and yourself, what other Bearcat do you most expect to
be drafted?

Holly.  Probably Gino because of what he brings to a game.  He's a leader, and
he has great throwing ability.

Frazier.  Gino because of his playmaking ability.  He's just a great athlete.

Q.  When does the combine start?

Holly.  I'll be in Indianapolis from February 26th until March 1st.

Q.  Are there any other Bearcats out there with you?

Frazier.  Yes.  Tyjuan Hagler but he has a different agent.

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