If your a Division One college looking for an offensive linemen, look no farther then Ohio. The Buckeye state is loaded with top O-line talent for the Class of 2006. The names of Aaron Brown, Jacob Ballard and Conner Smith have been thrown around as top prospect for the Bearcats. Well there's another linemen in Ohio that UC has shown interest in. Today, that linemen received his first two offers.

Lee Tilley of Springfield South High School visited the Bearcats during Junior Night of the Xavier game. The 6'7 - 292 lb. linemen has been nervous about the recruiting process and the lack of getting his first offer while those around him have seen several schools make offers. Now, Lee can relax as his first two offers have come from the Big 12 and SEC.

Bearcat Insider spoke with Lee about the offers he received today.

BCI: How does it feel to get your first offers?

LT: It's great. It's a big weight off my shoulders. People keep saying it was going to come, but until you get them you just feel some pressure about the whole process. You kind of question how good you are.

BCI: What can you tell us about the Kansas offer?

LT: I'm real surprised by it. But I'm also excited about it. I don't know much about the program, but I'm going to learn real fast.

BCI: What about Georgia?

LT: I have family in Georgia, and I really like the idea of playing in a warm climate. I'm going to visit them as soon as I can.

BCI: What about your family, how does your mom feel about this?

LT: Right now you're the first person I spoke to about the offers. I haven't had a chance to tell her yet. But I know she's going to be real excited about them.

BCI: How do you feel about the recruiting process and today's offers?

LT: When the recruiting process first started, I told myself, my coaches and family, I would give the highest consideration to the schools that first offer me. Because of their offer, they have shown faith in me as a player and person. I feel they have earned that respect from me for considering me as one of their top prospects.

BCI: What schools do you have the most interest in at this time?

LT: It's too early to say. I really liked what I saw at Cincinnati during Junior Day. And now that I have these two offers I would also have to list them. I'm also hearing from Minnesota, Purdue, Michigan State, Boston College, Tennessee and many others. So right now I'm just taking this all in and starting to look at those who have offered.

BCI: Thanks for your time Lee.

LT: Thank you.

While the Bearcats haven't offered Lee Tilley, Lee seems to be one of the players they have their eye on. Bearcat Insider will be following Lee during his recruiting process and senior season.

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