Bearcat Insider's Tim Adams recently spoke to Bill Poland about Bearcat football.

Q.  You were recruited by Coach Minter.  Now you're playing for Coach Dantonio.
Are there differences?

A.  I've actually been with Coach Dantonio longer than I was with Coach Minter.
I had spring ball and an entire season with Coach Dantonio.  I didn't have that
with Coach Minter.  I actually think the team has a better work ethic with Coach
Dantonio, but I don't want to say a lot about that.

Q.  Whenever there's a coaching change, players recruited from the previous
staff can feel overlooked.  Has that happened at UC?

A.  I guess there could be a few guys that feel that way, but I really don't
think so.  Everybody's getting a fair chance, and that's really all a player

Q.  What do you bring to the wide receiver position?

A.  I know what I'm doing out there.  I know how to read defenses and run good
routes.  I think I'm a smart player with good hands.

Q.  In what areas do you need to improve?

A.  My speed.  I want to get faster.  I run about a 4.58 right now and I'd like
to get down to a 4.4.

Q.  Do you think a 4.4 forty is a possibility?

A.  Yes, I do.  I've been working on speed training and strengthening my

Q.  What personal goals have you set for yourself next season?

A.  I want to start, and I want to make an all-league team.

Q.  What was your biggest adjustment from high school to Division IA college

A.  I think it was adjusting to the speed and the aggressiveness of the game.

Q.  For years, UC had no one on its roster from Elder.  Why has that changed?

A.  I think people are starting to realize that Elder has talent.  The whole
west side has talent.

Q.  Who would you say is the frontrunner for the QB position next year?

A.  That's hard.  It's up for grabs.  Spitzer and Grutza are coming back, and
they signed a few guys.  I really can't say.

Q.  What excites you about entering the Big East Conference next season?

A.  It's a BCS conference.  If  we do well, we'll play in the Orange Bowl or
some other big bowl game.  It's awesome.  It's exciting thinking about playing
programs like Pitt and West Virginia.

Q.  What made UC so attractive to you?

A.  I wanted to stay close to home so my family and friends could easily watch
me play.  Plus it's an up-and-coming program.

Q.  Are there any Div. IA prospects at Elder next season?

A.  I don't really know.  I didn't see them play.  We're usually on the road or
in a hotel on Friday night so I couldn't go to any games.

Q.  Other than yourself, who's the best receiver returning to UC next season?

A.  All of us.  Ernie Jackson is big and fast.  Derick Ross has good hands and
knows the offense so well, and Antwuan Giddens is tall and fast.

Q.  Other than Trent Cole, which of your ex-teammates do you expect to get

A.  I think Gino.  I think Jamar Enzor has too much talent not to get drafted.

Q.  Will your Elder teammate Digger Bujnoch play TE next season or return to the

A.  Digger will be back with the O-line.

Q.  Has Alex Harbin, another Elder boy, joined the team?

A.  Yes, I think he'll be redshirted next year.

Q.  There were rumors that Delbert Ferguson was playing some linebacker in
practice last year.  Is that true?

A.  I don't see a lot of Delbert in practice, but I didn't see him playing any

Q.  Has Elder grad Tony Carvitti earned a scholarship?
A.  He hasn't gotten a scholarship yet, but he'll be with the team

Q.  Where will Tony play?

A.  He plays all over the place.  We use him in a lot of spots.

Bill Poland is one of at least six Elder Panthers on UC's roster next season.

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