Bearcat Insider spoke with Daven Holly late last night to get the scoop on his performance at the NFL combine in Indianapolis.

Daven was very upbeat about his overall performance.  "I felt like I did very well.  It was a good experience.  I think I was able to show  teams what kind of player I am."

Last night the NFL channel showed Daven going through some of the drills and mentioned that he had one of the faster 40 yard dash times.  "My times vary anywhere from a 4.37 to 4.44, but I'm not sure exactly what I ran there.  I know Fabian Washington of Nebraska ran a 4.29."

Even though it was a good experience for Daven, some of the tests were uncomfortable.  "The doctors really poke at you and want to see if you have any injuries.  There's a lot of yanking going on, but they just want to evaluate the product."

NFL coaches have emphasized the importance of the interviews in evaluating players.  Daven talked about the team interviews.  "They talk about a lot of things.  It usually starts out with basic information and family background. They also ask about any legal problems.  They asked me about why I went to Cincinnati too.  Finally, it gets to football talk."

Daven felt a few teams seemed more interested than others.  "I got the feeling the Bears were really interested along with the Broncos.  I also got to talk with Coach Fox, the head coach of the Panthers.  It was a great chance to meet owners and coaches."

When asked if any players stuck out in his mind, Daven replied, "No. Not really.  I was with a group of about 15 guys, and everyone was pretty close.  I didn't see anyone where I said. ‘Man, he's really good.'"

Both Daven and Andre Frazier have the same agent, Andy Simms.  Daven felt that common bond made the experience even more enjoyable.  "Having the same agent really made Andre and me closer.  We spent a lot of time together and became even better friends.  Andre did real well too."

The next step for Daven is "pro day" when teams send representatives to the University of Cincinnati to watch workouts.  Pro day is March 10.


What they are saying at the combine about Daven Holly.

Scouts say he has great straight-line speed. Considered someone with a lot of upside since he has only played two years at corner.  Stock is on the rise.

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