Bearcat Insider's Tim Adams spoke with recent UC football signee, Marshawn Gilyard.

Q.  Give me an accurate height, weight, and 40 yard dash time.

A.  I'm 6'1" and 183 pounds.  I just weighed myself the other day.  I run a 4.5 forty.

Q.  What other schools offered you scholarships in addition to UC?

A.  Pitt offered me.

Q.  Did you take a visit to Pitt?

A.  No, the only visit I took was to UC.  I liked it so I committed.

Q.  What position will you play at UC?

A.  Running back.

Q.  Did you play any defense in high school?

A.  Yes, I played cornerback and some safety.

Q.  What do you consider your strengths?

A.  My vision and my ability to make people miss.

Q.  What part of your game will you need to improve?

A.  I'll need to improve my pass blocking and my strength.

Q.  Have you experienced snow?

A.  I've seen snow and been in snow, but I've never played in snow.  Actually I'm looking forward to it.

Q.  I thought you Florida guys loved the heat.

A.  I'm looking forward to something new.  Down here we have only two seasons. We have summer and a little bit of winter.  That's it.

Q.  Did UC's heading into the Big East influence your decision?

A.  No, not really.  I liked Conference USA too.

Q.  What goals have you set for yourself?

A.  First of all, to graduate.  I'd like to make an impact on the field too, but I'm also willing to play my role for whatever's best for the team.

Q.  UC has a great reputation for graduating its football players.  What will be your major?

A.  At first I was considering culinary arts, but now I think I'd like to major in something concerning sales.

Q.  Is there any NFL runner that is comparable in running style?

A.  I'd say Emmitt Smith.

Q.  Who was your host on your visit?

A.  Butler Benton

Q.  What made Cincinnati attractive to you?

A.  At first, I wanted to stay home and play, but then I talked it over with my family.  We thought it'd be good for me to get away.  It would make me more independent.

Q.  If there was one word to best describe you, what would it be?

A. Humble.

Thanks to Marshawn Gilyard for taking the time to speak with Bearcat Insider.

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