"Elder's Ramsey Talks UC Football"

The Elder Panthers will have six of its alumni on the UC roster next season so Bearcat Insider's Tim Adams spoke to Coach Ramsey about Elder and Bearcat football.

Coach Ramsey takes an active role in the recruiting process. "I probably sendout 70 tapes for our players to different colleges and universities. We want to get their names out there. Our parents are also very active and get involved in the process. We want to place as many kids as we can."

When it comes to the University of Cincinnati, Elder has placed a half dozen kids. Coach Ramsey was asked to comment on each.

---Bill Poland. "Bill does a great job of catching the football. He probably needs to continue to work on his speed to get even better."

---Tony Carvitti. "He was a great high school player. He just needs to get bigger. Unfortunately, he's a ‘tweener.' He's probably a little slow to play linebacker and a little small to play on the D-line. I can tell you this: no one works harder than Tony."

---Digger Bujnoch. "He's best suited for the offensive line. I know they played him at tight end last year because he is so athletic, but they'll move him back to the line. He just needs to put on some more weight."

---Alex Harbin. "He needed to take care of some academic things, but he'll probably redshirt this year. I expect he'll be a defensive end."

---Bradley Glatthaar. "He has great skills and is so instinctive. He's so physical and works hard. That's why he was able to compete last year. The UC coaches told me he was their best pass blocker. He's not a blazer, but he reads blocks so well."

Coach Ramsey is probably bias, but he's also seen both Rob Schoenhoft and Craig Carey on several occasions. When asked to compare the two, he said, "I see differences. Craig is a lot more athletic than Rob and can create plays. Rob has a great arm but he's not the athlete Craig is." Coach Ramsey was asked if Carey is better suited to play tight end than quarterback on the college level.  "I think he's better suited to play quarterback. We had a strange situation here at Elder. When Craig was a sophomore, we had a quarterback (Rob Florian) that helped us win the state championship. We weren't going to move that kid from quarterback his senior season so we found a place for Craig at tight end.  Craig was the better athlete."

Ramsey was asked to compare the recruiting of Coach Minter's staff with Coach Dantonio's. "There's a big difference from the beginning of Coach Minter's years, but UC's efforts changed when Minter hired Greg Hudson. Things picked up after Hudson got here. The thing about the new staff is they are so visible.  We had a function here the other day that was mostly for Division II and III kids, but UC had four coaches here. They've have a real presence. I know they‘ve assigned each coach to different local schools, and you see them so much more than before."

Since Elder has played Colerain several times over the last few years, Coach Ramsey was asked about a couple of the Cardinal defenders headed to Clifton next season.

---Terrill Byrd. "That kid's a stud. It wouldn't surprise me if he plays next year. He's physically strong and can run. If he were three inches taller, everyone would have been after that kid."

---Andre Revels. "He's a very active linebacker and good tackler. He also has long arms that help him out. He could play next year too."

Elder has been a hotbed for talent of late, but Coach Ramsey felt UC might have to wait a year to try and continue its recruiting success in Price Hill. "I'm not sure we have any Division I kids for next year. It may be the first time since I've been head coach that I've said that, but we do have some younger guys with a chance." Those younger guys would be a couple of defensive ends, Jeff Rieskamp and Mike Peters.

Bearcat football fans hope UC will continue to bring Elder Panthers to Nippert Stadium.

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