Bearcat Insider has learned that Coach Mark Dantonio has hired a new coach for his staff. BCI caught up with Coach Dan Roushar and learned all the details about his hiring.

It's been a whirlwind week for "New" offensive guards/centers coach Dan Roushar. The former offensive coordinator at Illinois brings great experience and energy to the Bearcats staff. Let's look at the newest member of the Bearcat staff.

2003-2004 University of Illinois (Running Backs, Offensive Coordinator-2004 season)

1998-2002 Northern Illinois University (Offensive Coordinator/OT/TE)
1997 Northern Illinois University (Offensive Line)
1995-96 University of Illinois (Quarterbacks/Offensive Tackles/Tight Ends)
1994 Ball State (Offensive Coordinator)
1993 University of Rhode Island (Offensive Line)
1989-92 Butler University (Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line)
1986-88 Butler University (Offensive Backfield)
1984 Northern Illinois University (student assistant)

As you can see, Coach Roushar brings a great coaching background to Coach Dantonio's staff. With a heavy background as an offensive line coach, Coach Roushar and Coach Staten will build a strong foundation along the Bearcats offensive line.

Coach Roushar spoke with Bearcat Insider about his hiring and becoming a Bearcat.

BCI: Congratulations on becoming a Bearcat?

Coach Roushar: Thanks, It's a great feeling to become part of this great staff that Coach Dantonio has built.

BCI: When did this all start to take place?

Coach Roushar: I was part of Coach Turner's staff at Illinois the past two seasons. After this past season, we were let go and I started looking at where I wanted my career to go. I looked at several different coaching positions but never made the decision on any of them. Then when I heard that Coach Uhlenhake was leaving, I became very interested in the Bearcats program.

I think Coach Narduzzi must have put a good word in for me. We worked together at Rhode Island and Northern Illinois

I sent in my information and Coach Dantonio called. I interviewed with Coach Dantonio last week and he called early this week to offer me the job. I wasted no time in accepting.

BCI: When did it become official?

Coach Roushar: I flew in on Wednesday to fill out all the needed paper work. And since then I have been in staff meetings getting an overview of the offensive system and getting to know the staff. I also traveled to a Southwest Ohio Coaches meeting.

I hope the coaching staff is as excited about working with me, as I am about working with them. This is really a great staff with great people on and off the field. I can tell you I'm real excited.

I then returned home last night and will be getting things together to return for the start of next week.

BCI: What are your beliefs or thoughts about being a college coach and dealing with players?


Coach Roushar: I'm a big believer in relationships. I know how important they are as a player and work hard to build solid relationships with my players. I feel for players to fulfill their potential on and off the field, they need someone there to give advice or just be a sounding board to what they have on their mind.

BCI: Who has been your biggest influence as a coach?

Coach Roushar: All the coaches I have worked for have been big influences on me. But the first name that comes to my mind is Coach Mallory. Coach Bill Mallory will always be coach to me. He's been my biggest influence as a player and coach.

But I've been lucky to work for a lot of great coaches since I came into this business.

**NOTE** Coach Roushar player for Coach Mallory at Northern Illinois and is a 1985 graduate.

BCI: What area will you be responsible to recruit?

Coach Roushar: That is still up in the air. We have talked about me working Chicago and in Illinois because of my background. At this time I know I will have some schools in Cincinnati and the rest is still being worked on.

BCI: What type of play do you expect from your offensive linemen?

Coach Roushar: I want to establish tough physical play from my lineman. We need to have toughness and be competitive to succeed at UC and in the Big East. I look to establish outstanding line play. I feel we need to be a physical running team with intelligent players that understand their assignments. We need to play for each other and play as one.

BCI: Coach, I want to thank you for taking the time and talking with Bearcat Insider. We look forward to watching you and the Bearcats guards and centers in spring practice in a couple of weeks.

Coach Roushar: Thank you, I can't wait to get started.

Coach Roushar was a pleasure to speak with. The staff at Bearcat Insider looks forward to watching Coach Roushar in action when the Bearcats start spring practice in just a few weeks.

Coach Roushar is married and has four children. Three daughters age 8, 6, 2 and a son who's only 5 months old.

With the staff changes, Coach Mark Staten will now also coach tackles.



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