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The "New Big East" proved to be the conference to talk about come next season. With Louisville advancing to the Final Four over soon to be regular season foe West Virginia, and Villanova pushing North Carolina to the brink of an ACC collapse, the new conference proved it's worth before coming together next season.


Many are now singing the praises of the Mountaineers after their great run in the tournament. But just how good will they be next season. While some national media are talking about the Mountaineers be favored in the Big East next season, remember this team was hanging on for it's tournament life until their great Big East Tournament run. The Mountaineers are a team made up of role players that follow the direction of their coach and have played some of the greatest basketball in tournament history. But lets not get too carried away when looking at this team next year. The new conference will be a battle for every team and West Virginia could fall back into the middle or lower part of the conference. But let's not shy away from giving praise where it's due. This was a great run by the type of team people come to love. Congratulations Mountaineer on a great run and see you soon.

U of L

Ok, it's hard to praise the team we all hate. But give them credit, they have gotten the job done and will be in St. Louis next weekend. Just a few weeks ago, Cardinal fans were complaining about getting a 4th seed. Now looking back, it looks like that 4th seed was a blessing. They opened with a 13 seed that gave them a little scare. Then they defeated an over-hyped Georgia Tech team before tearing through the team that received their number one seed Washington. Their comeback over West Virginia became an instant classis that had the country on the edge of their seats. Now while many of us prefer not to root from the Cards, we must. They represent how good and tough Conference USA was this season and just how strong the Big East will be in the years to come.


The Wildcats fall short of the Final Four after their thriller game against Michigan State. So those in Kentucky can put to rest any thought of a rematch between these two schools. Plus, I'm sure CBS would have died it the final were an all-Kentucky one.


Go to the Hoop Message Board and make your choice.  The poll will shut down on Friday night April 1st.  In fact, lets have a little contest for a Bearcat Insider Total Access pass.  Pick the two winners of Saturday's games.  Then pick your winner and the total points scored in the championship.  The winner will receive a Bearcat Insider Total Access Pass from April 5th until 12:00 a.m. June 4th.  In case of a tie we will put all those who tied into a hat and pull out a winner.

Here is the link for the contest: FINAL FOUR CHAMPIONSHIP CONTEST


Bearcat football receives the spotlight starting Tuesday afternoon. Coach Dantonio and staff, have many questions to answer from last year's team. The loss of almost the entire starting offense and defense means jobs are open and players will be looking to gain the edge when fall camp opens in August.

The one thing for sure about this years spring session, is Coach Dantonio will need to have plenty of patience with his young Bearcats.

What will be the hottest job on the line? QUARTERBACK!!!!!!

We have looked at the quarterback position and feel it's going to be an enjoyable race to watch.

Who do you feel will earn the top spot by the end of spring practice? Click on the following link and place your vote.



Kenny Wade won both the 100 & 200 in North Carolina during the Raleigh Relays. Wade, a senior from Toledo Rogers High School, posted times of 10.62 in the 100 and 21.07 in the 200. You can catch the track team in action Saturday April 2 during the Oliver Nikoloff Invitational at Gettler Stadium.


I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't touch on this hard subject.

While university officials are following procedure in this matter, we must remember Coach LeGree is Bearcat family. With his careless actions, Coach LeGree placed the university in a hard position. Punishment is a must, and what ever actions taken will have an effect on the program and Coach LeGree himself.

Alcohol is a serious problem many in this country encounter. Instead of making harsh judgments about the incident and what the university should do, lets support one of our own and help him through this time of need. Lets also hope he seeks and receives the help needed to overcome his problem.


The Bearcats opened their spring season with a three team event in Oak Ridge Tennessee. The event saw Clemson and Dartmouth square off against Coach Tim Royalty's group. The results saw the Bearcats post their only win in the 2nd Varsity Four event. The only area the Bearcats struggled in was the Novice Eight group. The Bearcats return to action next weekend as they host Indiana, Dayton, Eastern Michigan and Louisville at Harsha Lake in East Fork State Park.


No, Hank Williams will not be on the campus of Clifton. But Bearcat Insider will be there bringing you the latest news and information from spring practice. I can't stress this enough. If you want the latest information about the Bearcat football team, Bearcat Insider will have it. We were the first to speak with new offensive line coach Dan Roushar and we have spoke with several current, former and future Bearcats during the past three months. So get signed up for a Bearcat Insider Full-Access Pass now and don't miss all the latest news.

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