One of four quarterbacks looking to earn the starting job for next fall, talks about the battle and his path to UC. You can also view some video of Todd in action from Day Two.

Todd Spitzer built up some frequent flyer miles before finding a home at UC. He played his junior high football in South Carolina but then moved to Pennsylvania in high school only to return to South Carolina his senior year. Despite all the changes in address, Todd had scholarship offers from Oklahoma State, Syracuse and Southern Mississippi.  After visiting Cincinnati, Todd cancelled his other visits and committed to the Bearcats.  "I really liked the coaching staff and felt comfortable here with Coach Minter.  I also knew I could get a good education.  There was no reason to take my other visits and waste their time.  It wouldn't have been fair to those coaches and schools if I visited.  I knew I wanted to come to UC after taking that first visit."

The quarterback competition this spring will be fierce, but Todd feels he has the skills to win the starting job.  "I feel I have good pocket presence.  I think I'm also a good leader on and off the field.  I'm dependable and have a good arm."

As confident as Todd feels about his skills, he still recognizes the need to improve.  " I still want to improve my overall game.  Players can always improve everything.  I know I need to be more decisive with my progressions and not second guess myself.  I just need to be confident in making my reads and sticking with my decisions."

When Gino was injured before the Louisville game last season, Todd had an injured ankle and couldn't play, but he doesn't fell he missed his only opportunity to show what he could do.  "My ankle was injured then, but I still got a lot of reps during the season with the first and second teams.  The injury taught me to play with pain, but it was tough.  I felt I had a responsibility to the team to do whatever I could.  After the bowl game, I had surgery on the ankle, and I'm about 95% right now."

Like many others on the squad, Todd was recruited by Coach Minter and his staff but now must play for Coach Dantonio and his guys.  "It's always going to be tough in that kind of situation, but Coach Dantonio has one of the best staffs. Coach Dantonio did a great job last year.  I also feel comfortable with Coach Enos.  We relate well on and off the field.  I can talk to him about anything. I think everyone's adjusted well."

Todd realizes this spring is the most important spring of his football career. "I was very self motivated in the off season to get healthy.  I knew I had to get ready for the spring.  The coaches are telling us that they'll have a #1 and a #2 after the spring.  I know its important to be one of those guys because they can't give enough reps to seven guys in the summer.  For me it would also help from a confidence thing, knowing I'm one of the top guys.  I'm looking forward to the competition."

Going into the Big East next season will certainly present challenges, but Todd is optimistic.  "I'm very comfortable with the players we have.  We'll be young, and we'll have our ups and downs.  How we handle those ups and downs will be the important thing."

Playing quarterback means Todd sees the defensive backs almost daily.  He had these observations.  "Almost all our DB's will be new.  Horton is a great player.  He breaks on the ball quickly.  Ross is a good safety and Nakamura is good too, but we'll be young there."

Todd Spitzer is certainly a legitimate candidate for the quarterback job, but I just don't see this competition being settled anytime soon.

To view Todd in action click on the following link.

Practice video Todd Spitzer

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