While the great weather didn't last, the hitting started and things heated up as the day progressed. Bearcat Insider gives you some "News & Notes" from Day 3 of the Bearcats spring practice drills.

-Mike Daniels spent the entire practice being punished.  Strength coach, Tim Swanger, but Daniels through a grueling 2+ hour workout.  Whatever Daniels did, I'm betting he doesn't do it again.

-I thought Derick Ross had another fine day catching the football.

-Nick Davilla threw one interception but otherwise had a good day throwing the football.

-Haruki Nakamura made a great break on Davilla's pass to get the interception. Haruki has good speed and he'll hit.

-I thought Dustin Grutza had another good day at QB.  From what I‘ve seen after watching approximately nine hours of practice, I'd rank Grutza as #1 and Davilla as #1A.

-Thaddeus Lewis, Jamey Murphy and Jamar Enzor were in attendance today.

-Enzor attended the NFL combine a few weeks ago but injured himself when running his first 40 yard dash.  He and Trent Cole have private workouts scheduled next Monday.  I still believe Enzor is good enough to play on Sundays.  All he wants is an opportunity, and I'm hoping that team up north with the orange helmets gives him one.  The Browns are switching to the 3-4 and have been in contact with Jamar.

-Matt Webster is a hustler, plain and simple.

-The #1 defensive unit had to do a series of up/downs because they jogged and didn't run off the field.

-Antwuan Giddens had another good day catching the football.

-Bradley Glatthaar popped a long run over the right side today.  Glatthaar doesn't make many mistakes and never puts the ball on the turf.

-Coach Dantonio does not tolerate Bearcats fighting Bearcats at practice.  A scuffle broke out today.  One culprit was sent to the locker room while the other one ran the stadium steps.

-Carlos Simpson made a beautiful one handed catch today.

-Scott Chillinsky took a tipped pass from Tony Pike, and returned it for a TD.

-Bearcat recruits Cedric Tolbert and Brad Jones attended today's practice.  Both are already eligible for next year.  We'll have stories and some video to go with it.

-Donald Germany took over Anthony Hoke's spot at DE since Hoke wasn't at practice. 

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