With size, speed and great skill, the Bearcat coaching staff recruitied and signed my idea of a "Monster Cornerback".

Mary Shelley created her monster masterpiece when she created Frankenstein.  I want to create my monster masterpiece at the cornerback position.  First of all, he needs to be at least 6' 2".  More and more colleges and professional teams want tall receivers because it‘s tough to cover height.  Three of UC's top four receivers stand 6' 3".  My monster cornerback has to be able to cover height in addition to ground.  To cover adequate ground, he needs to be a 4.3 or 4.4 forty guy.  Not many receivers will run away from a cornerback with 4.3 speed. Lastly, he needs to be physical so he can come up and attack the run.   My monster DB needs to be about 200 pounds.

Now, I know what I want, but where do I go to create my monster?  Coach Dantonio and Coach Gill knew exactly where to go.  They went to Canton McKinley High School and signed Brad Jones.

Jones is 6' 2" and weighs 195 pounds.  Plus, he runs a 4.3 forty.  Getting this monster corner wasn't easy since he was also being recruited by Pitt, Michigan State and West Virginia, but Ted Gill got him on campus, and Brad didn't want to leave.  "I cancelled all my visits after I came here.  It was a great opportunity for me to play since they had lots of seniors graduate.  I also liked the city and had a great feel for the campus.  I liked the coaches, the school, everything."  In fact, Brad liked Cincinnati so much he tried to graduate early from McKinley so he could enroll at UC for winter quarter, but some paperwork wasn't done properly, and Brad will have to wait until fall to start college.

Brad has already qualified academically and is looking forward to becoming a teammate of some of the guys (Colerain) that kept McKinley from being a state champion.  McKinley lost to Colerain in the state finals this year.  " I remember hitting #13 (Dominick Goodman) several times."

Brad Jones is a big, fast, smart kid.  The kind of player UC will need to compete in the Big East Conference. He's my idea of a "Monster DB".

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