Watch how excited the players, coaches and those who saw the first day of full contact got during this drill. Special Bearcat Insider video. You will need Windows Media Player to view this clip. This is a long video clip.

While spring football practices have started or ended around the country, one thing remains the same no matter what school you would visit during this time of the year. Players start off in shorts and helmets and can't wait until the day the pads go on and full contact is allowed to take place.

This was the case on Saturday for the Bearcats and Bearcat Insider has some great footage you can only see here.

During the middle part of practice the coaches allowed the players the chance to fulfill their dreams of big-time hits and putting points on the board. Different teams have different names for this drill, but it's simple to explain. Offense puts a person running behind 3 blockers; defense has three down linemen and one safety to clean up on the runner. Big hits can happen, but the offense can also score and put their mark on the drill. It doesn't matter what position you play, you may be called upon to take any spot in the drill.

Here is footage from Saturday's "Hamburger Drill" enjoy!!!! 


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