The Bearcats finished their 5th day of spring practice and Bearcat Insider has the latest news and notes from the day.

-Walter Dudley got reps with the 1st team defense, but I did not see K.L. Smith at practice today.

-Terry Arnold considered today's practice the toughest one yet because of the increased running.

-Jordan Roth had a nice tackle for loss and just missed a second consecutive TFL.

-J.P. Simon #66 filled in for Steve Eastlake at left tackle and did a nice job. I didn't see Eastlake at practice today.

-I thought the offense ran the ball pretty well against the defense.  There was a definite emphasis on running the football today.

-Haruki Nakamura is perpetual motion.

-I thought the QB's had a bit of an off day throwing the football.

-Delbert Ferguson again showed some power running the football in goal line situations.

Dave Berk again roamed practice from sideline to sideline and end zone to end zone with his cameras.  We tag teamed Don Treadwell for an interview.  Watch the video interview before reading the text below to get the most out of the interview.


When Coach Treadwell talked about the receivers, he didn't mention Antwuan Giddens.  We asked him about that.  "Antwuan is steady.  He's been in there.

That's the neat thing about wide receiver.  Depending on the sets we have, we play a wide variety of guys.  He probably, at this point, is steady.  He knows a little more out there now.  He played a little during the season.  I think the more he's out here; the more comfortable he'll be with what we're doing."

One receiver that we've noticed is a big kid, maybe 6' 2" tall.  We asked Coach Treadwell who he was since he didn‘t appear on the spring prospectus.  "That's Tommy Murray a walk-on from Cleveland.  He's a little bit behind because he hasn't been with us a full year.  He does some things for a wide receiver that just jumps out.  And as you say, he catches your eye now and then.  Keep an eye on him."

Coach Treadwell played receiver at Miami, Ohio so we asked about his loyalties and the UC/Miami rivalry.  "If you check my resume, you'll see that I've coached at a lot of places, and the loyalty is to the one that signs my paycheck."  As for the Victory Bell rivalry, "Miami is just a fun game.  We have a lot of respect for Miami.  Back when I played against UC, I know there was a lot of respect between the two teams.  That's the kind of rivalry I like to see."

We also asked about the increased effort to run the football in practice today. "There was an emphasis to run the football today.  Each day Coach Dantonio emphasizes something.  Today we wanted to see who we have up front, and who can get some movement."

Bearcat Insider would like to thank Coach Treadwell for taking the time to talk to us. 

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