Bradley Glatthaar helped the Elder Panthers win Back-to-Back State Championships. Now as a Bearcat, he hopes to bring those same results as the Bearcats enter the Big East.

Bradley Glatthaar is a man of few words.  He prefers to let his play do his talking.  He hopes that play will include 20-25 carries a game next year.  With Richard Hall gone and his 17-18 carries a game up for grabs, Bradley hopes to earn them all to add to his 7-8 carries a game last year.  That would put Bradley right where he wants to be with about 25 carries a game, but Bradley knows earning those extra carries won't be easy.  "I'd like to get all the carries, but we have a lot of good runners.  I know it‘s also important to keep everyone fresh."

Glatthaar believes his style of running is a cross between Eddie George and Earl Campbell.  He also recognized that both those runners seldom fumbled. "Growing up I was told to hold onto the ball.  Eddie George had something like 400 or 500 carries and fumbled only a couple times."  Actually, George was even better than that.  He had over 650 carries and lost only 1 fumble in the 2002 and 2003 seasons with the Tennessee Titans.

Two years ago, Bradley led his Elder Panthers to their second consecutive state championship in Division I.  He was voted 1st team all-state.  One would expect the college offers to come rolling in, but that's not what happened to Bradley. "I guess people thought I was in between a fullback and a tailback."  Bradley took official visits to only UC and OU.  He enjoyed the visit to OU, but UC had an ace in the hole.  They had high school buddies, Bill Poland and Tony Carvitti, host his visit.  It was no contest.

Staying close to home has worked out well for Bradley.  "My family can always come to the games, and my high school coaches and Elder fans can see me play too."

Despite averaging 4.4 yards a carry last year, Bradley knows he can still improve.  "I'd like to get bigger, and I need to continue reading pre-snap blitzes.  I need to do better in the open field, making the first guy miss."

Bradley takes comfort in having seven Elder Panthers on next year's roster. "It's nice knowing so many people.  They've gone through the same things I've gone through."

In addition to ball security, Bradley considers his patience to be a virtue. "I have good patience.  I give the line a chance to block."

The difficulty of moving from Conference USA to the Big East isn't lost on Glatthaar.  "The Big East will be a different style of play.  Conference USA was more of a passing league.  The Big East is more of a running league."

Finally, he was asked about his trademark long hair.  "I just started growing it out, but I get it cut sometimes."

There's really nothing colorful about Bradley Glatthaar.  He's your typical "blue collar" athlete, but that's not so bad this day and age.  He won't be doing touchdown dances or pulling pens from his socks to sign autographs. Instead, he'll get into the end zone and help his team win. 

Kind of refreshing really. 

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