BCI apologizes for missing practice #6 on Wednesday. There was a change in the schedule, and neither Dave or I could attend. But we make up for it today with the news and notes and some photos.

-Thursday's practice was helmets and shoulder pads-not full gear.

-A number of players are recovering from injuries or are nicked up. Players that wear a green jersey are involved with partial contact. Those in yellow jerseys are restricted from any contact.

-Here's the green jersey guys from what I could tell: Brad Bury (FB), DeAngelo Smith (DB), Derek Stanberry (DB), Derrik Haithcock (DL), Steve Eastlake (OL). Ernie Jackson practiced for the 1st time today without a green jersey. Also note that Coach Dantonio would be a green jersey today. He was moving around practice with a foot boot cast.

-The yellow jersey players are Tony Pike (QB), K.L. Smith (DB), Greg Moore (RB), Butler Benton (RB), and JaJuan Hall (DB). Pike wasn't even throwing so I assume he may be suffering from an arm ailment.

-Andre Revels attended practice today. Craig Carey attended his 2nd spring practice Tuesday.


-One of the more interesting drills today was a RB vs. LB pass block drill. Glatthaar showed more emotion than usual in this drill. He's usually pretty stoic and just goes about his business. Doug Jones and Leo Morgan matched up a few times. I think it may take the help of a taser to get past Jones. Lamonte Nelms did well in this drill for the defense. Mike Daniels did surprisingly well for such a small back.




-I thought Grutza had the best day in the 7 on 7 throwing drills.

-Jordan Roth worked a lot with the #1 defense replacing Jon Newton.

-From what I could tell today the #2 DL and LB are Tony Carvitti, Jon Newton, Adam Hoppel, and Mike Brown on the D-line and Kevin McCullough, Angelo Craig, and Tyjuan Jones at LB.

-I think Jon Carpenter was the best linebacker today. He showed a great nose for the football including getting an interception.



-Walter Dudley ran a lot with the #1 defense at cornerback today.

-Nick Davila threw 2 interceptions today.

-The biggest hit may have belonged to Delbert Ferguson as he put a big hit on Terry Arnold.


-In past years, I've attended practices and asked players about some of their teammates. Often they knew little or nothing, but these guys really seem to know each other well.


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