The very personable Andre Revels found his way to Nippert Stadium Thursday to watch the Bearcats go through some spring drills. He had no problem answering a number of questions posed by Bearcat Insider. Also watch Andre's video interview.

The excitement on Andre's face was obvious as he stood on the sidelines of Nippert Stadium watching and listening to the Bearcat coaches.  Nevertheless, he was asked what was going through his mind.  "It's exciting to be down here seeing where I'll be in a couple months."

Andre loved the fact that another linebacker recruit, Corey Smith, had bused 15 hours from New Jersey last week to watch spring practice.  He barely took a breath when talking about it.  "That's what I like to hear.  I like to hear everybody's on the same page, and everybody wants to win a championship, and everybody's willing to sacrifice everything to get to where we need to go, and that's a Big East championship."

Although Andre visited both Bowling Green and Toledo, he had no doubts that Cincinnati was the right choice for him.  "It's close to home, and my mom is all by herself.  I didn't want to go to far from home.  We have everything here. I'd be stupid to go anywhere else."

Like so many of UC's other recruits, Andre is serious about school.  "The NCAA clearinghouse gave me a 3.1 GPA, and I got a 21 on the ACT.  Earlier in my high school career I was slacking off in the classroom, but now I've got my head on straight.  I want to major in business and maybe start my own some day."

Andre also realizes that his getting good grades is important to the Bearcat coaches.  "After meeting with Coach Dantonio and his staff, I knew they didn't want any dummy off the streets.  Not only do you need to be gifted in football, but you also have to be gifted in the classroom."

A particular position is the least of Andre's worries right now.  He just wants to contribute.  "Anywhere on the field is good for me."

A recent trip to California has seen Andre's weight dip to 220-225 pounds, but he plans to begin next season at 235 pounds.  Since he's been a wrestler in the past, he knows he can gain weight as quickly as he's lost it.

Bearcat Insider couldn't resist asking Andre if the stories about Terrill Byrd's 500 pound bench press were true.  He laughed as he answered, "Definitely a fact!  He is a freak of nature."

Watch Dave's video interview of Andre to get an even better appreciation for this young man.


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