Growing up I was a big fan of Mighty Mouse. Mike Daniels reminds me of the Mouse of Steel in many ways. Look for 2005 to become the "Year of Mighty Mouse" and "Mighty Mike".

At 5'7" Mike Daniels is not going to win any award for being the biggest back in the county, but he's not worried about that. Mike Daniels is only worried about being a key part to the success of the Bearcat offense. And while he may not have the height of his Bearcat running mates, he has many other skills that make him the biggest threat on the field.

As a junior and senior at Princeton High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) Daniels gave defenders nightmares with his cutting and scoring ability. If Mike wasn't running for a score he was throwing for one. No matter what it took Mike Daniels was a "Mighty" threat. While Mike has yet to reach the level of success he had Princeton, he remembers it was his junior year that saw him breakout in high school. And he's looking for the same success this fall as a junior.

Bearcat Insider caught up with Mike after practice last week and has this special Player Interview for you.


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