Bearcat Insider spoke to Doug Ramsey, Elder's head coach, who attended today's practice and Bearcat strength and conditioning coach, Tim Swanger. We'll give you their comments later in today's "News and Notes" segment. Also, Bearcat Insider Total Access Pass holders, check out some video interviews on the Red & Black Board.

-The squad practiced in full gear today. Ten of the fifteen spring practices can be in full gear.

- Greg Moore is still sidelined with a shoulder injury, but he expects to play tailback when he returns to practice.

-I thought Kevin Lovell had an impressive day with his kickoffs. There was a little wind at his back, but the flags on the goalposts were limp. Kevin's kicks ranged from five yards deep in the end zone to the ten-yard line.

-Leo Morgan (LB) was in a yellow jersey today. I believe he sustained an injury (stiff neck) in Friday's scrimmage.

-John Bowie (CB) seemed to get the bulk of the reps opposite Antoine Horton with the #1 defense.

-Today another player yelled a profanity after being frustrated on a play. Coach Dantonio immediately sent him to run the stadium steps. That kind of behavior is simply not tolerated at Camp Dantonio.

-This week on our message board, we were asked about the progress of Marcus Winston. There's a reason I haven't noticed him at linebacker. He's had a number change and is now with the fullbacks.

-K.L. Smith practiced but with a yellow jersey which really limits what he can do.

-The big offensive play of the day was a long Grutza to Carlos Simpson pass completion.

-The defensive play of the day was a Scott Chillinsky interception.

-Ernie Jackson sustained a thigh injury today. He had gotten rid of the green jersey only a few days ago.

Coach Swanger

Bearcat Insider will have a special feature on Coach Swanger in the first issue of "Bearcat" the magazine due out April 22, 2005. We feel it's important to give Bearcat fans a look at the power behind the Bearcats.

Although summer is an important time for Bearcat football players to gain size, strength and speed, those areas are not ignored in the spring. The Bearcats lift twice a week throughout spring practice.

Coach Swanger identified Adam Roberts as possibly the strongest Bearcat and said Adam is one of his hardest workers. We also discussed the reports of Terrill Byrd's legendary 500 pound bench press. If these reports are true, Terrill's name will immediately go on the "Record Board," and he would become the first Bearcat to ever achieve the feat. The current name on that board is Kirt Doolin with a 495 pound bench. Jon Carpenter leads the way in the weight room for the intermediate sized players while Dominic Ross is the top guy for the smaller athletes. John Bowie is the fastest Bearcat when healthy, but he's closely followed by Antoine Horton, Antwuan Giddens, Bill Poland and some others that run in the 4.4 to 4.5 forty-yard-dash range.

Coach Ramsey

Since Coach Ramsey attended today's practice, we thought Bearcat fans would be interested in his opinion of the quarterback competition.

After watching a variety of drills and scrimmaging, who would he pick as his starter? "I like #4 (Dustin Grutza). He's really accurate. He moves around real good too. He's a good athlete."

Who would be his back-up? "That's really hard to say. They all have strengths. The junior college guy (Nick Davila) moves around really well. The other guy (Todd Spitzer) has a really strong arm, and he's a really big guy so they all have positives."

Do recruits look at rosters before signing with a team to see what the competition is like? " I think some do, but I don't think Craig (Carey) did. He's confident. He thinks he can go anywhere and compete."

How tough would it be for a guy that runs an option offense to come to UC and run this offense? "It's going to be tough. I'll get a chance to see in the East-West all star game." Dominick Goodman will be playing for Coach Ramsey's squad in that game.

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