With a coaches clinic starting the night, the Bearcats went through a full pad practice. Some of the news wasn't great as the injury bug hit hard on Day 11.

-Today's practice included a clinic for high school coaches. The Patriots' linebacker coach, Dean Pees, was a key speaker. Coach Pees was the head coach at Kent State before joining the Patriots last season.


-The Bearcats were in full pads tonight.

-Leo Morgan (LB) wore a green jersey (limited contact).

-Kevin McCullough (LB) continued to impress and was with the #1's in the middle.

-The linebacking position has several injuries, and Lemonte Nelms was added to the list tonight.

-Ryan Manalac (LB) was in a yellow jersey (no contact) and was in street clothes.

-Most of these guys will not allow Dave to take their picture if they're wearing a yellow jersey. It's like the scarlet letter.

-Tony Pike (QB) is still wearing a yellow jersey, but he is throwing lightly in a few drills.

-The tough as nails placekicker, Kevin Lovell, has seen his weight go from 138 pounds last season to a robust 153 pounds this year. He actually doesn't look a lot different, but he does seem to be kicking higher and farther.

-Doug Jones (FB) and Brad Glatthaar (TB) were again the best at blocking the linebackers in the pass blocking drill. However, there was a chink in Jones' armor tonight when Leo Morgan got to the QB dummy against him, and Glatthaar was beaten once by Nick DeFilippo (LB). Delbert Ferguson (TB) continues to show improvement in this area. Also in the pass blocking drill, Kevin McCullough pancaked Dwight Stargell (FB) in getting to the QB dummy.

-I don't think Glatthaar fumbles-EVER!

-It was a bit of a surprise in the punting tonight. I was very impressed with Kevin Huber. I thought he had an excellent night with several punts in the 40 yard range and very high. Tony Carvitti took some warm-up punts before practice. It looked like a driving range for the sight impaired. Let's hope we never need him in a game.

-Ken Woodard (LB) saw a great deal of time with the #1 defense at OLB.

-The carrousel continued at defensive tackle with Jon Newton and D'arrell Brown getting the bulk of the reps with the first team.

-The offensive line mixed and matched a lot tonight, but I thought Frank Straub (OT), Trevor Canfield (OG), and Khalil El-Amin (OT) got significant snaps with the first group. I don't believe we'll see a repeat of last year where five guys on the O-line get the overwhelming majority of the snaps.

-There were a few big plays in the 7 on 7 drill tonight. Dustin Grutza (QB) hooked up with Antwuan Giddens (WR) for a nice TD pass. Nick Davila (QB) hit Bill Poland (WR) for a nice gain too, but Poland dropped a TD pass a little later on an "out" pattern.

-One of the big defensive plays of the day was when Dom Ross (SS) picked Grutza.

-Mike Daniels probably had the longest running play of the day. I believe it came on a reverse.

-John Bowie was injured today, and Ernie Jackson aggravated an injury.

-Finally, it was nice to see one of Bearcat Insider's favorite high school coaches again at practice, Elder's Doug Ramsey.

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